Apply for a Tree Cutting Permit on Private Property

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Background Information

You need a Tree Cutting Permit to alter, cut, or remove some trees in Saanich.  Scroll down to go directly to the application form or read through some background information first.

Please note: we only perform a visual inspection on private trees in order to process tree permit removal or significant pruning (altering) requests. Retain the services of an arborist for a detailed assessment of your tree.

If you are needing a tree removed as part of a development permit, Saanich Parks will be informed when your permit is processed and ready for review. Do not submit a separate request as it will not be processed.

Garry Oak leaf - a protected tree in SaanichPruning

You generally do not typically need a permit to perform basic pruning on a protected tree when done in accordance with sound arboriculture practices. We recommend you consult with an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist.

You require a Tree Cutting Permit when pruning a:

  • Significant Tree;
  • Tree protected via a Covenant;
  • Tree's root system; or to
  • Perform pruning that meets the definition of “altering” a protected tree (as defined in the Bylaw).

The property owner, or an authorized agent of the property owner, can submit an application.

You cannot prune a tree growing on municipally owned land, including trees on boulevards or in parks. Contact us for any tree work on public property.

Please send any supporting documents (e.g., pictures, arborist report, drawings) to and make sure you include your address to let us know where it's for!

This collection of personal information is authorized under the Local Government Act, Community Charter and Section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information will be used for processing this permit application. Questions can be directed to the District’s Privacy Officer at: 770 Vernon Avenue, Victoria BC, V8X 2W7, t. 250‑475-1775, e.


You can also print out and complete the tree cutting permit application and return it to the parks office (1040 McKenzie Ave) at your convenience. 


Property Owner Information
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  • If you are the owner and have not hired a service to help, please fill in this section only.
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Contractor or Tree Service Information
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Work requested
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Is the tree located in a tree or natural state covenant?
Reason for tree removal request
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Aboriculture Inspectors will come to review your request during business hours. Please mark the tree so it is clear which tree is to be inspected. Are there any special circumstances that would prevent or limit access to the tree? (optional)
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This information is sent automatically to once submitted. 

You are welcome to send any pictures, maps, arborist reports or other information, along with the property address, to us to support your application: 
f. 250-475-5525
p. 250-475-5522

Surety deposits for replacement trees may be required. If your tree cutting permit is approved and a surety deposit applied, you will need to come to the Saanich Parks office to pay the deposit and pick up your permit prior to work proceeding. Your permit is not approved until surety deposits are paid. For most permits, you will receive this deposit back once you plant a replacement tree that meets all the requirements: 50% of the deposit is returned once a tree that meets the requirement is planted; and, the remaining 50% will be returned once the tree is shown to be in good health at least one year after first inspection. Please contact Saanich Parks for more information, or to arrange an inspection to receive your tree surety refund.