Park Permit Application

No general use park permits will be issued at this time. Only youth sports with approved safety plans from viaSport will continue. This is currently restricted to Phase 2 activities (practices only - no contact). Activities limited to teams within the CRD (no activity with teams from outside the CRD allowed). No spectators at any activity.

The below will apply when permits can be issued again. With COVID-19 restrictions, we are limiting the number of park permits that can be approved. The required information is subject to change as the pandemic evolves. Please read through the below. The permit application form follows this information.

Space is limited for reservations as we try to limit park guests in one specific park. Find out more about Saanich's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Reserve space in one of our parks! Parks are still open to the general public, but you can have priority use for picnic tables, fields, etc., with a permit. Please note, we require at least five (5) business days notice to reserve a park (longer for special events and sporting activities).

Use this same permit request form to access a park or trail for access to private property, public utility or other works. Require site access plan and valid insurance for such access.

This collection of personal information is authorized under the Local Government Act, Community Charter and Section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information will be used for processing this application. Questions can be directed to the District’s Privacy Officer at: 770 Vernon Avenue, Victoria BC, V8X 2W7, t. 250‑475-1775, e.
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Any group reserving space in our parks with more than 100 participants requires proof of general liablity insurance with the District of Saanich added as an additional insured. This insurance requirement also applies for organized sports groups and businesses using our parks.  

Costs do apply to reserve space.  Check out our park rental fees.