Park Use Guidelines

We Want Everyone to Enjoy Our Parks!

Our parks are available for many park users and ask that you help to: 

  • Picnic table in parkconserve park spaces
  • protect public safety
  • behave suitably to allow park users of all ages enjoy their visit 

Permits are required for use of our sports fields and corporate events. You may also wish to reserve a space via our park permit application system.

Space is otherwise on a first come, first serve basis. Those with permits have priority use and will kindly ask existing park users to relocate.

Typical questions:

  • Can I set up a tent at my event? Yes - small tent shades can be used if they are weighed down with bags of sand or blocks - no stakes in the ground as you could damage underground items such as irrigation lines. Larger tents require a park permit.
  • Can I have alcohol? No - parks are for users of all ages and should be free of alcohol and drug use.
  • Can I play music? Yes - but please ensure not loud enough to disrupt other park users or nearby neighbours. Ensure that the lyrics are also family friendly.
  • Do I need liability insurance for my booking? Maybe - large groups, corporate bookings and organized sports groups do require general liability insurance.
  • Can I operate a boot camp or excercise class in parks? With a permit!  A permit ensures no conflict with other park permit holders. We require general liability insurance as well as a valid business license for boot camp/exercise program operators. We only book one such activity at one park at a similar time. This reduces space conflict.
  • Can I use a BBQ? Probably - as we have no briquette disposal, we ask that no charcoal BBQs be used. Portable CSA approved gas units, under careful watch, can be used. Do not place on any park asset (i.e., furniture) or have open flames that could reach nearby vegetation/trees.
  • Can I have a fire on the beach? Sorry, but no - this is against our Fire Prevention Bylaw.
  • Are dogs allowed in parks? In most - yes! Dogs must be under control and a few parks have restrictions. Check out more info on dogs in Saanich.

Our open spaces are smoke-free!

The Capital Regional District (CRD) prohibits smoking, vaping or use of marijuana products:

  • in parks
  • at playgrounds
  • on beaches in front of any park
  • at public squares
  • within 7 metres from any bus stop, window, door or air intake

 Learn more about the CRD Clean Air Bylaw.

Help us keep our parks clean!

  • Remove any extra garbage and dispose it properly - never leave bags or loose garbage in a park.
  • Take all compostable or recyclable materials with you.
  • Contact Saanich Parks if you need help removing trash (costs may apply).