Committees & Boards

Municipal Appointments to Advisory Committees, Board, and Foundation

You can serve your community and be a member of a committee in an area such as:

  • Active Transportation;
  • Arts and Heritage;
  • Planning, Transportation, and Economic Development;
  • Environment and Natural Areas; or,
  • Parks and Recreation.

2023 Committee, Board, and Foundation Application Form

2022 Committee Appointments List

Types of Committees

Advisory Committees

  • Council establishes Advisory Committees
  • Most include one Council member as Chair

Standing Committees

  • The Mayor establishes Standing Committees for special purposes
  • The Mayor appoints all the members of a Standing Committee with at least half being Council members

Statutory Boards and Authorities

  • Created through provincial and federal legislation
  • Each board and authority has a unique function within the municipal framework

Technical Committees

  • Administrative
  • Deal with specific technical matters