Important notices
Updated September 19, 2018

Voter Cards are now in the mail.  If you are on the Voters List, you will receive a Voters Card.  If you do not receive a Voter Card, not to worry, you can register to vote at Advance Voting or on General Voting Day at any of the Voting Locations.

Check to see if you are on the Voters List.

If you are unable to vote because of a physical disability, illness or injury, or you will be absent on General Voting Day and all of the dates of Advance Voting, you may be eligible to vote by Mail Ballot.  For further information, see the instruction in the Mail Ballot Application

Please note,  if you are picking up your Mail Ballot at the Municipal Hall, your application will take one day to process.

Community Opinion Ballot Question

The District of Saanich and the City of Victoria Councils will be asking electors if they wish to establish a Citizens’ Assembly to explore the costs, benefits and disadvantages of amalgamation between the two municipalities. This non-binding community opinion question will be asked at the upcoming General Local Election being held on October 20, 2018:

“Are you in favour of spending up to $250,000 for establishing a Citizens’ Assembly to explore the costs, benefits and disadvantages of the amalgamation between the District of Saanich and the City of Victoria?”

Find out more about the Citizens' Assembly and how the Community Opinion Ballot Question may impact Saanich.

2018 General Local and School Board Elections

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, the Municipal and School Board Elections will be held with eligible voters electing the following:

  • One (1) Mayor 
  • Eight (8) Councillors
  • Two (2) School District 63 Trustees
  • Nine (9) School District 61 Trustees