Saanich Logo


The open circle, symbolizing the sun, reflects optimism and integrity.

The solid circle can be considered a sunlight reflection on water or land and reflects our vibrant community.

The green reinforces our emphasis on sustainability, green spaces and the environment.

The logo is a registered trademark owned by the Corporation of the District of Saanich.

You need permission to use the Saanich logo

Third parties must apply for and receive approval to use our logo. We allow third parties to use the logo only in certain circumstances.

You can apply to use the logo if you are:

  • An event sponsor
  • A fund or grant recipient
  • In partnership with Saanich
  • Jointly operate a facility with Saanich

How to apply

If you want to use the Saanich logo on any electronic, printed or other creative items, please fill out an application [PDF - 50 KB]

Once we approve your application, we’ll send you the logo’s digital file. 

Using the logo

Please review our Logo Use Guidelines [PDF - 138 KB] for:

  1. Proper Saanich logo colour
  2. Area of isolation details
  3. Minimum size requirement
  4. Branding guidelines