Strategic and Financial Planning

Strategic and financial planning are two of Saanich's critical decision-making processes.

  • The Strategic Plan outlines many initiatives we will focus on with our energy and resources. The plan maps out the actions we will take to achieve the future vision.
  • The Financial Plan is a budget approved by Council that provides funding for Strategic Plan initiatives and the ongoing operations and services provided by the District.

How the future of Saanich takes shape

Communities grow and change over time. Saanich is more than 100 years old and has been shaped by the participation of many generations.

We recognize that providing citizens with knowledge and tools and encouraging public participation is an integral part of good governance. The more informed and involved citizens and community groups become the better able we are to build the community we want together.

Involving our citizens in discussions improves the quality of decisions and ensures diverse opinions, information and experiences are considered in our decision-making processes.