Addressing Council


There are several ways to take part in Saanich Council meetings.

Delegation at a Committee of the Whole Meeting

Delegates may:

  • Bring forward an idea or concept.
  • Update Council about an ongoing project.
  • Make a presentation on any matter of broad interest to Saanich.

A person or persons on behalf of an organization or association who wishes to address Council as a delegation must submit a written request at least ten (10) days in advance of a Committee of the Whole meeting.

Council may hear one delegation per meeting for up to ten (10) minutes.

There are some restrictions. See details in the Guidelines for Delegations or refer to the Council Procedure Bylaw

Please complete an Application to Appear as a Delegation. Submit it to Legislative Services at least ten days before the preferred meeting date.

Contact us at 250-475-5501, or email for more information.

Items on a Regular Council Agenda

  • Council will hear speakers only during the "Public Input on Business Items" portion of the agenda.
  • Up to three (3) minutes per speaker.

Items on a Regular Committee of the Whole Agenda

  • A speaker has up to three (3) minutes to address Council on each agenda item.
  • Neighbourhood community associations may get up to six (6) minutes if they have carried out a neighbourhood engagement process.

Items on a Public Hearing Agenda

  • A speaker has up to five (5) minutes to address Council during the Public Input portion of each agenda item.

Open Forum

  • This is your chance to address Council without the formality of a meeting.
  • Council holds Open Forums at the beginning of Committee of the Whole meetings.
  • Each speaker receives three (3) minutes to address Council for a total of fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Pre-registration is not required, but encouraged.  Please either email or call 250-475-5501 to register prior to 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the day of the Committee of the Whole meeting.

There are some restrictions. Please refer to the Guidelines for Delegations.

Correspondence to Council

You don't need to attend a meeting to have Council consider your input:

  • Email
  • Mail a submission to 770 Vernon Ave, Victoria BC, V8X 2W7
  • Drop information off in person to the Legislative Division on the second floor at 770 Vernon Avenue.

All correspondence to Mayor and Council, in regards to a specific item on an agenda, must be received by noon on the day of the meeting;  will form part of the public record; and, may be published in a meeting agenda.

We have listed contact details for all Council members. You are welcome to contact any of them.