Council Meeting Information

Interested parties can attend meetings in-person or through electronic participation (via the MsTeams link). In-person seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  For further information on viewing and providing feedback at Council meetings and Committee of the Whole meetings, please refer to the meeting agenda at If you have questions, please contact the Legislative Services division at 250-475-5501 or

To register to participate by MsTeams in the Public Input portion of the Council or Committee of the Whole Agenda or at the Open Forum portion of a Committee of the Whole meeting, please email or telephone 250-475-5501 and state your name, address and the date of the meeting at which you wish to speak. You must have access to a telephone, provide a telephone number that can be used to contact you, and an email address where instructions can be sent to you. The registration deadline is 12:00 p.m. noon on the day of the meeting.

An opportunity to provide input via MS Teams during the meeting will be available; please watch the web stream for details or look for the link at the top of the page at All meetings are streamed live at

Public input correspondence is also accepted via email at or received in the Municipal Hall mailbox up until noon on the day of the meeting.


The Council Procedure Bylaw establishes the rules for conducting Council and Committee business.  The Committee of the Whole Terms of Reference is a helpful tool in understanding its role in meetings of Council.

You will find details about participating in the meetings of Council at: Addressing Council.

Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings

Council meets at 7:00 p.m. on Monday evenings. The public may attend Council, Committee of the Whole, Special Council and Special Committee of the Whole meetings. The public may not attend In Camera meetings which generally deal with property transactions, personnel matters and legal matters as outlined in the Community Charter.

Please note: Meetings of Council are webcast via live video feed on the District website.  Your image and personal opinions may be collected and disclosed as part of Council proceedings.  Information on our webcasting can be found here.

Public Hearings

A Public Hearing is a Special Council meeting held to consider:

  • Amendments to the Zoning Bylaw and Official Community Plan (OCP);
  • Proposed heritage designations;
  • Development Permits, development variance permits, temporary commercial/industrial use permits or restrictive covenants accompanying Zoning or OCP amendments;
  • Amendments to Land Use Contracts

Public Hearings are scheduled on Tuesday evenings or during a regular Council meeting.

Public Hearing Rules and Procedures

At a Public Hearing, any person present who believes that he or she is affected by a proposed bylaw and/or permit has the chance to speak or to present a written submission. You do not have to register to speak at a Public Hearing.

Each speaker will be allowed up to five minutes to address Council regarding the project under consideration.  This allows Council the opportunity to hear from all members of the public in a timely manner.  Individuals may address Council a second time for up to five minutes with new information once all first-time speakers have had an opportunity to speak.

If you don't want to speak at the hearing or simply cannot attend, you may submit a letter by mail or e-mail. Council will receive all correspondence sent by 12:00 noon on the date of the meeting.

Special rules apply to public hearings. Once Council has heard all input on an application, they are not permitted to consider anything further.

Council Agendas are available on our website on the Thursday prior to the meeting date.


Committee, Board and Commission Meetings

To listen to advisory committees, standing committees, board, and commission meetings, please refer to the applicable committee page for further information.