Contacts Directory

Saanich Municipal Hall is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and is closed on statutory holidays.

Hours vary for Archives, recreation centres, public works services, Cedar Hill Golf Course and Saanich Police.

If your request is an emergency call 9-1-1.

For non-emergency issues, please contact the appropriate department or use our handy online form

For matters of an urgent nature, please report to the responsible agency:

Name Title Phone Contact
Municipal Hall
Main switchboard 250-475-1775 Contact
Fire and Police emergency 9-1-1
Pollution spill reporting 1-800-663-3456
Fred Haynes Mayor 250-475-5510 Contact
Paul Thorkelsson Chief Administrative Officer 250-475-5555 Contact
Building, Bylaw, Licensing and Legal Services
Risk Management general enquiries 250-475-5455 Contact
Legal general enquiries Whitney Salvador 250-475-5494 ext 3578 Contact
Brent Reems Director of Building, Bylaw, Licensing and Legal Services 250-475-5419 Contact
Michael Hargraves Municipal Solicitor 250-475-5477 Contact
Scott Broughton Risk Manager 250-475-5494 x3420 Contact
Building and Plumbing general enquiries 250-475-5457 Contact
Inspections Services Fax Fax number: 250-475-5418
Inspections Bookings 250-475-5458 Contact
Bylaw Enforcement 250-475-5456 Contact
Parking Bylaw Enforcement 250-475-5431 Contact
Business Licensing 250-475-5401 Contact
Roy Thomassen Manager of Inspections 250-475-5562 Contact
Janet Racz Land Agent 250-216-4375 Contact
Corporate Services
Corporate Services general enquiries 250-475-1775 Contact
Laura Ciarniello Director of Corporate Services 250-475-7631 Contact
Megan Catalano Communications Manager 250-475-7639 Contact
Ericka Schade Communications Manager 250-475-7638 Contact
Human Resources general enquiries 250-475-5494 ext 3528 Contact
Carroll Porter Senior Manager of Human Resources 250-475-7632 Contact
Occupational Health and Safety general enquiries 250-475-5546
Rebecca Chow Manager of Occupational Health and Safety 250-475-5425 Contact
John Haigh Manager of Information Technology 250-475-5403 Contact
Engineering general enquiries 250-475-5575 Contact
Public Works general enquiries 250-475-5599 Contact
Public Works After-Hours Emergency 250-475-5599
Solid Waste Services general enquiries 250-475-5599 Contact
Harley Machielse Director of Engineering 250-475-5575 Contact
Troy McKay Senior Manager of Transportation and Development Division 250-475-5574 Contact
Lesley Hatch Senior Manager of Water Resources Division 250-475-5554 Contact
David Sparanese Senior Manager of Public Works Division 250-475-7653 Contact
Finance general enquiries 250-475-5415
Dog Licence 250-475-5484 Contact
Property Taxes 250-475-5454 Contact
Purchasing Section 250-475-5494 ext 3481 Contact
Utility Billing 250-475-5445 Contact
Anne Tetley Manager of Revenue Services 250-475-5494 ext 3584 Contact
Valla Tinney Director of Finance 250-475-5521 Contact
Fire Department general enquiries - Non-Emergency 250-475-5500 Contact
Emergency Program 250-475-7140 Contact
Fire Prevention 250-475-5500 Contact
Michael Burgess Fire Chief 250-475-5503 Contact
Legislative Division general enquiries 250-475-5494 ext 3504 Contact
Angila Bains Manager of Legislative Services / Municipal Clerk 250-475-5494 ext 3500 Contact
Sharon Froud Deputy Legislative Manager/ Deputy Legislative Clerk 250-475-5494 ext 3507 Contact
Sheryl Masters Privacy Officer 250-475-5494 ext 3432 Contact
Parks, Recreation and Community Services
Parks general enquiries 250-475-5522 Contact
Recreation General Inquiries 250-475-5422 Contact
After Hours Parks Emergency 250-475-5599
Suzanne Samborski Director of Parks and Recreation 250-475-5421 Contact
Eva Riccius Senior Manager of Parks 250-475-5523 Contact
Chris Murphy Manager, Parks Operations 250-475-5541 Contact
Gary Darrah Manager of Parks Planning and Development 250-475-5539 Contact
Nathalie Dechaine Manager of Community Development and Business Systems 250-475-5538 Contact
Cristina Caravaca Senior Manager of Community Services 250-475-5409 Contact
Cedar Hill Recreation Centre 250-475-7121
Cedar Hill Golf Course 250-475-7151
Careena Elford Manager of Cedar Hill Recreation and Golf 250-475-5406 Contact
Gordon Head Recreation Centre 250-475-7100
Sandra Pearson Manager of Gordon Head Recreation Centre 250-475-7102 Contact
G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre 250-475-5400
Graham Thomson Manager of G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre 250-475-5441 Contact
Saanich Commonwealth Place 250-475-7600
Jennifer Jakobsen Manager of Saanich Commonwealth Place 250-475-7604 Contact
Tiana Solares Senior Manager of Recreation Services 250-475-5452 Contact
Planning general enquiries 250-475-5471 Contact
Planning Department Fax 250-475-5430
Sharon Hvozdanski Director of Planning 250-475-5470 Contact
Shari Holmes-Saltzman Manager of Current Planning 250-475-7117 Contact
Cameron Scott Manager of Community Planning 250-475-7115 Contact
Adriane Pollard Manager of Environmental Services 250-475-7116 Contact
Rebecca Newlove Manager of Sustainability 250-475-7118 Contact
Police Department general enquiries - Non Emergency 250-475-4321
Scott Green Chief Constable 250-475-4321
Animal Pound 250-475-4321
Block Watch 250-475-4365 Contact