Coat of Arms

Our Coat of Arms was influenced by the original Corporate Seal of the Municipality, and has been in use since incorporation in 1906.

The shield provides an allusion to the countryside. The green of the shield references our fertile soil.

The pheasant, the Garry Oak, and the farmer and plough represent hunting, logging and farming, and provide insight to the District’s early rural aspect.

The swan recognizes the location of the Municipal complex beside Swan Lake and highlights the growing nature conservancy around it.

The native black tailed bull deer and cougar were chosen as supporters of the shield and signify the community’s strength.

The native blue camas represent the abundant and beautiful flora of our urban and rural areas and shown on the supporters and crest, they symbolize the region’s natural beauty and aboriginal heritage.

Populo Serviendo – latin for “Serving the People” – appears in the banner at the bottom of the crest.

The Saanich Coat of Arms is reserved for District use only. We use it for Mayor and Council communications and as part of the Saanich Police and Saanich Fire logos.

No one else can use the Coat of Arms. The Saanich logo, however, can be used by third parties in certain circumstances.