Native Plant Salvage Program

The municipality of Saanich is a beautiful place to live for many reasons, especially because of our spectacular and diverse natural environment. Preservation of our natural heritage in Saanich is a goal shared by the Municipality and the community.

Where opportunities exist, native plants are rescued from sites where they would otherwise be lost due to development. Plants salvaged from these sites are used in private and public restoration projects to benefit the entire community and are not permitted to be sold. Native plant salvaging is not considered to be an alternative to habitat or species protection.

Landowners and developers participate in this program by granting permission for volunteer members of Saanich's Native Plant Salvage Program to access their property before development begins.

Salvage Program Benefits:

  • Promotes biodiversity
  • Restores natural systems/habitat
  • Encourages Naturescaping
  • Increases community cooperation
  • Educates about native plants

How to Become a Member

The Saanich Native Plant Salvage Program provides volunteers with access to development sites in order to rescue plants.

To become a member, participants must:

  • Contact Environmental Services to be put on a waitlist for notification of the next available orientation session
  • attend an orientation session
  • sign an agreement/waiver Membership Form

For more information, please have a look at the Native Plant Salvage Program brochure.