Pesticide Reduction

The District of Saanich joined the majority of Canadian municipalities when the Pesticide Bylaw [PDF - 515 KB] was adopted in 2010. The aim of the bylaw is to reduce the use of pesticides in residential areas of Saanich. Along with the bylaw, Saanich has a program to raise awareness about the potential negative impacts of pesticide use in our communities and to provide information about pesticide alternatives.

Saanich’s Pesticide Bylaw was updated in 2020 to include more low-risk pesticides as identified by the provincial government and to add clarity.

Rodenticides: please note that the province has implemented an 18-month ban on second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) starting July 21, 2021. This ban is aimed at reducing the risk of wildlife poisoning while the province conducts a science review and develops outreach for alternatives. More information: Saanich Rodenticide  webpage and Provincial information.

What are Pesticides?

Pesticides refers to any substance that is designed to prevent, kill or repel unwanted organisms. It is a general term which also covers more specific terms such as:

  • Insecticides — for insects
  • Herbicides — for plants
  • Fungicides — for fungal diseases
  • Rodenticides - for rodents

Why should we reduce the use of pesticides?

There are many risks associated with pesticide use, such as:

  • Damage to human health, non-target plants, pets and other animals.
  • Pollutes water — streams, the ocean.
  • Contaminates soil and groundwater. 
  • Several types of cancer are linked to pesticide exposure.
  • Potential hormone disruption is also connected.
  • Young children are at greater risk.

Explore the pages below to see the Pesticide Bylaw, apply for a permit, learn about pesticide alternatives, and Saanich’s approach to Integrated Pest Management. Also find a page regarding Rodenticides and linking information from the province, including the provincial ban.