Pesticide Permits

We regulate many common pesticides in Saanich. If you want to use a pesticide which is not on the approved list of permitted pesticides, you must apply for a permit. 

In what situation can I apply to use a restricted pesticide?

  • Pest infestations that put sensitive ecosystems at risk.
  • Risks of serious economic loss from a pest infestation.
  • Specifically listed invasive species or noxious weeds.

To receive a permit, you must also meet these three criteria.

  • The pesticide is allowed under the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Act.
  • You must show that this is a last resort and it must meet the principles of Integrated Pest Management.
  • You must have a certified pesticide applicator to apply the pesticides.

What about dandelions on my lawn?

  • Usually the control of broadleaf weeds like dandelions do NOT meet the above conditions.

Permit Process

There is no fee to apply for a permit to use pesticides. Conditions for the application of pesticides and requirements for posting signs are part of the permit and bylaw requirements.

Permit Application

What if my property has more than one owner?

Bring your completed application to the Planning Department.