Resilient Saanich: Environmental Policy Framework

Saanich is currently developing an Environmental Policy Framework that is referred to as Resilient Saanich. Resilient Saanich includes considering existing and potential future policies, plans, and programs to address gaps and integrate sustainability and the natural environment.

Resilient Saanich Process

The Resilient Saanich Technical Committee Terms of Reference that guide this process were updated through a report to Council on August 22, 2022. The Terms of Reference include a work plan for Milestone Three of the initiative. 

Here is where we are at in the process and opportunities to participate:

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Resilient Saanich Technical Committee (RSTC)

Find out more about the Resilient Saanich Technical Committee and their work.

Where Are We Now?

There are three Milestone phases of Resilient Saanich. Currently we are nearing the end of Milestone Three. The State of Biodiversity Report was completed in April of 2023. The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS) engagement process began in the spring of 2022, and continues. These two initiatives are being developed by Diamond Head Consulting, with support from the Resilient Saanich Technical Committee (RSTC), staff, technical experts and with public feedback.. 

Completed So far:

The last update to Council was March 2023 with the State of Biodiversity Report.

Resilient Saanich Elements 

As planned, the Resilient Saanich Environmental Policy Framework will provide overall guidance for several plans and areas of activity, including the three areas below. Find out more about current areas of activity (below) and subscribe to the Resilient Saanich e-Bulletins.

Resilient Saanich Factsheets

Factsheet #1: FAQs [PDF - 887 KB]
Factsheet #2: Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Examples [PDF - 867 KB] 
Factsheet #3: Biodiversity Targets [PDF - 509 KB]
Factsheet #4: Biodiversity Conservation Resources [PDF - 540 KB]
Factsheet #5: Biodiversity Related Saanich Reports [PDF - 2 MB]
Factsheet #6: Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Saanich [PDF - 535 KB]
Factsheet #7: Environmental Stewardship Examples [PDF - 556 KB]