Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Resilient SaanichSaanich is currently undertaking a process for a proposed Biodiversity Conservation Strategy within the "Resilient Saanich" Environmental Policy Framework process. A Biodiversity Conservation Strategy would be a significant policy document for Saanich. The strategy would be based on the current vision within the OCP (Official Community Plan):

“Saanich is a model steward working diligently to improve and balance the natural and built environment. Saanich restores and protects air, land, and water quality, the biodiversity of existing natural areas and ecosystems, the network of natural areas and open spaces, and urban forests.”

The development of a proposed Biodiversity Conservation Strategy is currently being undertaken within three phases or a "milestones" approach. The Terms of Reference [PDF - 449 KB] for this project describe the milestone phases and the timeline (below) illustrates key goals and public participation opportunities. 

Why a proposed Biodiversity Conservation Strategy?

 “Biodiversity encompasses all living species on Earth and their relationships to each other. This includes the differences in genes, species and ecosystems.”   - Government of Canada

Biodiversity enables the sustainability of life on earth. International and senior government commitments compel Saanich to address management of biodiversity within our jurisdiction. A Biodiversity Conservation Strategy is proposed to address gaps and effectiveness in the protection of biodiversity in Saanich. Information related to the development of this strategy is included in the Resilient Saanich factsheets below.

The Process - Get involved!

The policy framework, strategy development and consultation process will be thorough.  If you would like to be involved and kept informed, please subscribe to the "Resilient Saanich" e-Bulletins. As a subscriber, you will receive an email whenever there are project updates and opportunities to participate.

“Biological diversity means the variability among living organisms from all sources including, inter alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems". 

- 1992 International Convention on Biological Diversity

Environmental Stewardship

Find out more about how you can learn more and get involved in environmental stewardship in Saanich and this ecologically rich and sensitive region we live in.

Resilient Saanich Factsheets

Factsheet #2: Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Examples [PDF - 867 KB] - learn more about biodiversity conservation strategies from other local governments.

Factsheet #3: Biodiversity Targets [PDF - 509 KB] - find out about biodiversity conservation targets from international to local levels.

Factsheet #4: Biodiversity Conservation Resources [PDF - 526 KB] - a list of biodiversity conservation resources (supporting the work of the Resilient Saanich Technical Committee) now available as a resource for the public.

Factsheet #5: Biodiversity Related Saanich Reports [PDF - 2 MB] - Further to Factsheet #4, this factsheet summarizes past Saanich reports related to biodiversity goals, objectives, and criteria.

Factsheet #6: Biodiversity & Protected Areas in Saanich [PDF - 535 KB] - Looks at how Saanich biodiversity and protected areas potentially measures up to the most commonly used governmental target.