State of Biodiversity Report

One of the key outcomes of the Resilient Saanich process is the development of a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy. A State of Biodiversity Report is currently under development and will inform the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy. Diamond Head Consulting Ltd (DHC) is the contractor working on this report and the strategy, with the Resilient Saanich Technical Committee (RSTC) and Saanich staff.

Now open: participate in a mapping engagement process for the State of Biodiversity Report, led by Diamond Head Consulting. See below for more information.

What is the State of Biodiversity Report?

The State of Biodiversity Report will build upon previous studies, mapping, documents, and fieldwork to describe biodiversity within the District. This document will provide a ‘snapshot’ of current conditions related to nature within Saanich. It will document what exists, outline threats and provide an overview of conditions. The information will be used as input for the development of the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy. It will also provide a baseline of biodiversity that we can use to track progress in the future.

The project has four phases:

  1. Ecological Inventory and Habitat Mapping
  2. Public and Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Biodiversity Analysis and Development of a Green Infrastructure Network
  4. State of Biodiversity Report

The current timeline for this project is: May to Fall 2022

Stakeholder Engagement

DHC is planning the following engagement during the development of this report:

  • Workshops with the RSTC and selected staff
  • Site visits and tours with the RSTC and First Nations representatives
  • Online public and stakeholder engagement (see below)
  • First Nations workshop in the summer

A written summary of these engagement meetings and online feedback will be included in the final report.

Mapping Engagement - now open: you are invited to participate in a  mapping activity process that will help inform the State of Biodiversity Report as well as the Urban Forest Strategy. Diamond Head Consulting has developed a mapping engagement initiative. Input you share about important natural areas and features in Saanich, as well as areas of urban forest, will help us in the development of these upcoming strategies. We will be gathering information such as about local biodiversity, characteristics and types of natural areas, areas and features of significant value to the community and threats to biodiversity.  Your input will also help us understand the community’s priorities and issues. This will help us prepare for later phases of the project, which will include more public engagement.

Green Infrastructure Network (GIN)

The State of Biodiversity Report will include the development of a draft Green Infrastructure Network (GIN). The draft GIN follows the principles of biodiversity conservation:

  • protecting large core habitat areas
  • ensuring connectivity between habitat
  • providing a diversity of habitat features

The draft GIN will focus on high-value natural areas throughout the District. The draft GIN will also include smaller connections within the District’s urban areas such as Rights-of-Way, covenant areas, and utility corridors.

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