Leisure Involvement For Everyone (L.I.F.E.)

The Saanich L.I.F.E. program assists individuals and families living on a low income to access recreation services and programs at our recreation centres.

Applications can now be completed privately and securely online here!

To apply online please make sure you have the following documentation:

Proof of Residency: One of the following in your name and with a current Saanich address; renters agreement, phone or utility bill dated in the last three months, government issued ID (BCDL/BCID). Only one proof of residency is required for all family members.

Proof of Income: Most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA) for all household members 19+, even if they do not want to utilize the LIFE program. Financial thresholds are determined on the combined gross income from line 15000 of the NOA’s of all adults in the household family. If you do not have an NOA and are a newcomer to Canada you can apply with a copy of your landing papers in lieu of your NOA but it must show your date of landing within one year of application. 


What does the LIFE program provide for approved clients? After your application has been approved it will be valid for two years from date of approval and you can select from one of two options:

 Option 1: Free Drop Ins and Discounts

Clients selecting Option 1 will receive the following:

Unlimited free drop in sessions at SAANICH facilities only. You must still obtain a pass and swipe it for every visit at a Saanich centre. A visit sticker is not required for attending Saanich centres if you are a Saanich L.I.F.E. client.

52x free drop in sessions annually, based on pass start and expiry date at any participating greater Victoria Regional Recreation Centres (including recreation centres at the municipalities of Panorama, West Shore, City of Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt and SEAPARC). Note to use these visits you MUST have the regional 52x visits sticker on your card and MUST present it at a regional facility or you will not gain admittance. You will require a new sticker each calendar year. You do not get unlimited visits at other regional centres.

Additional discounts for Saanich L.I.F.E. clients available through Saanich recreation centres only. If you wish to utilize your discounts and grants for registrations please apply a minimum 5 days before you need to register to allow for processing time. Grants are added to your account after L.I.F.E. approval and can take up to 5 days to show on your account. Staff cannot apply the grant amount to your registration if the grant has not been added yet. Below is the list of additional discounts and grants for use in Saanich centres only:

Adult (19-59): 

  • $80 grant towards registered programs and valid until expiry of L.I.F.E. pass. Note: there is no additional funds after the initial grant is used. This amount is all that is available for the full two year term.
  • Free weight room orientation.

Adult 60+yrs:

  • $80 grant towards registered programs starting Summer 2024 and valid until expiry of L.I.F.E. pass. Note: there is no additional funds after the initial grant is used. This amount is all that is available for the full two-year term.
  • Adults 60+ also receive a free annual membership to one of the following Older Adult Centres; Silver Threads Les Passmore Centre, Cordova Bay 55+ Association or Goward House Society.
  • Free weight room orientation.

Youth (13-18yrs): 

  • $120 grant towards registered programs starting Summer 2024 and valid until expiry of L.I.F.E. pass. Note: there is no additional funds after the initial grant is used. This amount is all that is available for the full two year term.
  • TWO Free weeks of Breakout Adventures Camps and two free youth Workshops or Events (age restrictions may apply). Note: these are valid for the full two year term. If all registrations are used in the first year than no additional registrations will be made available.
  • Free weight room orientation.

Child (5-12yrs):

  • $120 grant towards registered programs starting Summer 2024 and valid until expiry of L.I.F.E. pass. Note: there is no additional funds after the initial grant is used. This amount is all that is available for the full two year term.
  • TWO free weeks of SNPP (Saanich Neighbourhood Playground Program) camps. Note: These are valid for the full two year term. If all weeks are used in the first year than no additional weeks are available in year two.

Preschool (0-4yrs):

  • $80 grant towards registered programs starting Summer 2024 and valid until expiry of L.I.F.E. pass. Note: there is no additional funds after the initial grant is used. This amount is all that is available for the full two year term.


  • If you qualify for LIFE you may also be eligible for one of the following: Free BC Hydro Energy Savings Kit or the Energy Conservation Assistance Program.

Option 2: 50% off Regional Recreation Pass

Purchase an Annual Regional Pass valid for one year from date of purchase at 50% off regular price. Valid at all participating Greater Victoria Recreation Centres.

General eligibility and Required Documentation

NEW! Full Time Post Secondary Students are now eligible to apply.

You may be eligible for the LIFE program based on your financial circumstances. Most clients fall under general eligibility where they are approved based on their proof of income shown by their most recent Notice of Assessment. There are other forms of eligibility based on other scenarios. Requirements for eligibility differs based on the scenario. Each form of eligibility and its required documentation is outlined below.

General Eligibility: Proof of Income through most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA) You may be eligible for the LIFE program if you are a Saanich Resident whose individual, if living independently, or family combined total gross income falls at or below the low-income thresholds determined annually. Thresholds are relative to household size, and based on Statistics Canada’s Low-Income thresholds, and inflation changes in the regional cost of living allowance. To qualify for the LIFE Program, gross income must be at or below the below noted thresholds.

Note: If the income on your NOA shows $0 you will need to provide reasoning or supporting documents for this level of income and contact financialassistance@saanich.ca directly to apply. Total gross income can be described below in the "Other Information" section. If any of your income sources would change the amount on your NOA and raise it you are required to disclose that information.

# in
 # in
  1  27,631


  2 38,493      5 60,864
  3 47,145      6 66,674 
         7 or more 73,118

How To Apply
If you fall under the General Eligibility guidelines above, the following documentation is required. Bring all required documentation to any Saanich Recreation Centre or apply online with electronic copies. They will be used for visual confirmation only, no copies are retained. Please note: there is no physical application form for the Saanich L.I.F.E. program at this time.

  • Proof of Saanich Residency: a utility bill, phone bill or current rental agreement within the last 3 months, or current driver’s license. If you are not a resident of Saanich you must apply in the municipality you are a resident in. Click Here for more information
  • Proof of Income: 2022 Notice of Assessment for anyone 19+ years in the applying family household. Refer to line 15000 on your Notice of Assessment for the amount used to calculate the income threshold.

NOA: Notice of Assessment for each person contributing to the household. Get a copy of your notice of assessment or reassessment here.

Other Forms of Eligibilty Documentation
If you do not meet general eligibility requirements you may still be eligible to apply for L.I.F.E. Other scenarios in which we may accept L.I.F.E. clients are described below along with  documentation  required. Proof of residency can be a utility bill, phone bill in the last 3 months, current rental agreement or government issued ID.

  1. Your Notice of Assessment does not accurately reflect your current income level due to an experience such as an illness or job loss.
    • Contact financialassistance@saanich.ca to get a copy of an Adjudicator Form. Have an adjudicator form filled out by a supporting organization or person as described on the form. Bring the completed form, along with your proof of residency to any Saanich Recreation Centre. Or apply online using your adjudicator form as proof of income.

2. You are a Refugee or arrived under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) in the last year.

    • Bring your landing papers along with your proof of Saanich residency to any Saanich Recreation Centre. Note: if you are staying with a host family, your proof of residency can be in the host family’s name. Or apply online using your landing papers as proof of income

3. You are a youth in a local school who does not have parental/guardian support to apply.

4. If you do not fall into one of the above groups, but are still a resident of Saanich, please contact financialassistance@saanich.ca to see how we can assist.

Other Greater Victoria Municipal Applications

You must apply for the LIFE program in the Municipality you are a resident in. Click on your municipalities link below to be taken to their LIFE application process information. If you are unsure which municipality you reside in you can go to the CRD map viewer and enter your address in the search bar in the upper right and it will pinpoint your municipality for you.

 What’s Next – How do I use my pass and discounts?

After you have been approved, you’ve selected your benefit option and you have your Access Card you are able to begin use right away.

  • Please show your pass at reception when visiting either a Saanich Recreation Centre or a participating Regional Recreation Centre for a drop-in program. We will scan your pass at a Saanich Recreation Centre and a Regional Recreation Centre will mark a visit off your pass sticker.
  • If you are registering online for a reserved drop-in program you can register online and your discount will automatically be used.
  • If you selected Option 1 and wish to use one of your registered program camp discounts you will need to register for your activity in person or over the phone. If you are using your grant amount, this amount will be available to you online and you do not need to phone in.
  • If you are an adult 60+ you will be given a card to present to the Older Adult Centre you choose from the listed for your free membership.
  • Each family will be given an envelope with information on Energy Savings and how to make use of them and apply.

Other Information?

  • Your pass is valid for two years based on the activation date.
  • Passes and discounts have no cash value
  • There is a $10 fee to replace a lost pass
  • Can I reapply if I get denied?

If you were denied because you could not meet requirements, you can reapply if your financial situation changes and requirements can be met and proven through documentation.

What is total gross family income

  • Total Family Income means total combined income, before taxes, by all family members 19+ years that are in the applying family in Canada and abroad who contribute to the household income and expenses
    • This includes income from: employment of all types, all investments, pensions, child support payments, foster child support payments, rental revenues, funds in trust, disability benefits, worker’s compensation, foreign investments, foreign spousal/familial support and income and benefits or pension and other financial sources 

Other Funding Sources

If you require additional financial support or are looking or are lookinf other lo-cost/no-cost opportunities visit our Funding Support Page.



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