Diversity and Equity

Saanich stands with other communities and all Indigenous
Peoples across the country at this tragic time in Canada’s history.
The horrific discoveries of unmarked graves and mass burials at residential schools are cause for mourning, a time for compassion and self-reflection of who we are.  

We cannot change the past; however, we need to learn from it
and then together we can shape the future. As we approach the anniversary of Canada’s confederation on July 1st, Saanich asks everyone to learn about and understand the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Progress is not possible without change, and change starts with education and awareness. You can do your part in helping to shape our future, by becoming better educated and informed.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Final Report:

More resources to learn how you can support Indigenous peoples:
Reconcilliation Canada - Get Involved

How to Support Indiginous Communities

Non-Indigenous people here's what you can do right now

Please note that all Saanich Recreation Centres and offices will be closed July 1, 2021.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

We are committed to celebrating the rich diversity of people in our community. We are guided by the principle that ebracing diversity enriches the lives of all people. We all share the responsibility for creating an equitable and inclusive community and for addressing discrimination in all forms.

Community Recreation Services works hard to build a welcoming and inclusive community.

We aim to:

  • Foster increased understanding of diverse cultures.
  • Work with and through Saanich's ethno-cultural groups.
  • Forge partnerships to create lifestyle programs and services. 

Pride Week

June 28th is the start of Pride Week, a commemoration and celebration of LGBTQ2+ activism and culture and the support of LGBTQ2+ rights.
When you think of Pride history many think Stonewall Riots in the United States, but Canada has it’s own history in the struggle of LGBTQ2+ rights. Click here to learn more

As we celebrate we should also be aware that in some 77 countries around the world there are still discriminatory laws that criminalize private, consensual same-sex relationships – exposing individuals to the risk of arrest, prosecution, imprisonment or death.

On June 28th Mayor Haynes will read a proclamation announcing June 28-July 4 as Pride Week in Saanich and will raise the Pride Progress Flag. This new flag, which was created in 2018, is not to replace the previous flag but to place greater emphasis on inclusion and progression. In addition to the five-coloured stripes on the Rainbow flag, the new design includes a five-coloured chevron with black and brown stripes to represent marginalized LGBTQ2+ communities of color, along with the colors pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Transgender Pride Flag.

Saanich Youth Services staff in partnership with Saanich Police, Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria and queer trans youth from School Districts 61 and 63 have come up with a plan to help Queer and Trans folks feel recognized and welcomed in all Saanich Municipal places. For the month of June, come check out your local recreation centre to see how each centre has spruced up in all things rainbow.

For more information on local celebrations visit Victoria Pride Society

For more info on Inter-Cultural Association Q+ Crew for New Canadian youth click here