Application for Tree Cutting Permit

Background Information

You need a Tree Cutting Permit to alter, cut, or remove Protected trees in Saanich.  Here is some information and the application form is below.

Please note: Saanich staff only perform a visual inspection on private property trees in order to process tree permit application. Retain the services of an arborist for a detailed assessment of your tree.

If you are applying for a tree permit as part of a development permit (Building Permit, DP, Site Servicing etc.), Saanich Parks will be informed when your permit is processed and ready for review. Do not submit a separate request as it will not be processed.

The property owner, or the property owner's authorized agent, can submit an application.

You cannot prune a tree growing on municipally owned land, including trees on boulevards or in parks. Contact us for any tree work on public property.

Please attach any supporting documents to the end of the application. Use this link to SaanichMap to view an overhead image of your property and plot tree locations where possible, especially for a large acreage.

PruningGarry Oak leaf - a protected tree in Saanich

You generally do not need a permit to perform basic pruning on a protected tree when done in accordance with sound arboriculture practices. We recommend you consult with an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist.

You require a Tree Cutting Permit when pruning a:

  • Significant Tree;
  • Tree protected via a Covenant;
  • Tree's root system; or to
  • Perform pruning that meets the definition of “altering” a protected tree (as defined in the Bylaw).
Applications relating to infrastructure damage (19b) require documentation to support the request. Please be sure to attach these to your application, or send follow-up documents to
You can also print out and complete the Tree Cutting Permit application and return it to the Saanich Parks office (1040 McKenzie Ave) at your convenience.