Agriculture & Food Security

Saanich is known for close urban/rural connections. The district recognizes the importance of preserving the agricultural land base as a means of supporting local agriculture and improving food security. The Urban Containment Boundary (UBC) maintains an important agricultural base in Saanich. The UBC was created in the late 1960s to protect agricultural/rural lands from development, by controlling residential growth and limiting urban sprawl. The UBC protects approximately 52% of Saanich.

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), established in 1973, is BC’s provincial zone that preserves agricultural land for the future. The ALR is regulated by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) under the ALC Act. The District of Saanich currently has 1,844 ha in the ALR. Although a large portion of agricultural operations in Saanich occur in the ALR, farming also takes place outside of the ALR.

A map outlining the UBC, the ALR and agricultural land in the District of Saanich can be found below: