Events & Permits

Saanich has many beautiful sites that you can use for picnics, social gatherings, festivals and much more.

Want to host an event on Saanich public property?

If you plan to have an event on Saanich property, for example a parking lot or roadway, you need to:

  1. Complete a Special Event Application
  2. Contact the event coordinator
  3. Obtain insurance and submit certificate 
  4. Submit a brief cover letter about your event
  5. Submit your event route map (if applicable)
  6. Submit a traffic management plan for any events that require road closures
  7. Complete a park permit application if your event will be held in one of our parks!

Want to host a block party?

If you plan to organize a Block Party:

  1. Complete a Block Party Application
  2. Contact the event coordinator
  3. Obtain insurance and submit certificate
  4. Submit your block party site map

Want to host an event in a Saanich park?

  • Your event may require a Park Permit.
  • Typical events in our parks that you can book include birthday parties, weddings, picnics and reunions.
  • Complete the online Parks Permit Application form.
  • We confirm bookings once you submit all event-related documents. 

Please note:

  • Special rules, regulations and restrictions may apply. 
  • You are unable to reserve most park areas exclusively for one group. 
  • You must allow public access to the park area at all times.
  • Questions? Contact Parks or (250) 475-5522.

Want to host an event in a recreation centre?

Attending an event?

Saanich hosts special events year round. From international sporting events to community picnics, festivals and parades, check out our events calendar.

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