Adding or Changing a Cart

Cart Exchange Form

To add a cart or change cart sizes, complete and submit the Cart Exchange form [PDF - 142 KB].

Saanich Utility Billing
770 Vernon Ave.
Victoria BC V8X 2W7

Fax: 250-475-5429

  • Owner or agent completes the form.
  • We process requests within seven business days.
  • We apply a $30 fee for cart exchanges.
  • New owners or tenants can exchange cart sizes for free within three months.
  • There is no fee for ordering additional carts.
  • Leave carts visible and accessible.

Cart Sizes and Annual Fees

Annual cart fees cover the ongoing disposal and processing costs.
Garbage Carts

  • 120L Garbage cart: $27.60
  • 180L Garbage cart: $38.70

Organic Carts

  • 80L Organics cart: $25.50
  • 120L Organics cart: $35.70
  • 240L Organics cart: $71.40