Resilient Saanich Updates

The Resilient Saanich process will take place between 2020 and 2023, developing an Environmental Policy Framework, a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, and an Enhanced Stewardship Program. We are currently in Milestone 2 of the initiative, as described in the Terms of Reference approved by Council.

Public Engagement

Milestone 1 Phase: A public engagement process closed on March 15, 2021. You can still read the engagement information on the Resilient Saanich Virtual Open House.

Milestone 2 Phase: Open now – participate in the Community StoryMap engagement to help inform the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy development. A Milestone 2 progress report was approved by Council on August 22, 2022, including Resilient Saanich Principles and Goals and an updated workplan for Milestone 3.  

Ongoing: You can subscribe to the e-Bulletins (below) and check the Resilient Saanich Technical Committee meeting page for updates on their work.

Resilient Saanich e-Bulletins

To keep informed of project updates and participation opportunities, you can subscribe to the Resilient Saanich e-Bulletins. The following are e-Bulletins (in PDF format) that have been sent out since the start of the project:

Resilient Saanich Factsheets
(PDF Documents)

Factsheet #1: FAQs [887 KB]
Factsheet #2: Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Examples [3 MB] 
Factsheet #3: Biodiversity Targets [509 KB]
Factsheet #4: Biodiversity Conservation Resources [526 KB]
Factsheet #5: Biodiversity Related Saanich Reports [2 MB]
Factsheet #6: Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Saanich [535 KB]
Factsheet #7: Environmental Stewardship Examples [556 KB]