Pesticide Bylaw

The Pesticide Bylaw was adopted in 2010 and updated in 2020 based on the provincial Integrated Pest Management Act. Read the Pesticide Bylaw Factsheet here.

The amended bylaw now has:

  • An additional 22 pesticides that are considered safe alternatives for general residential use
  • The removal of Rotenone from the list of safe pesticides to use
  • An updated application form
  • Clarifications and definitions to help interpret the bylaw

It is important to note that despite recent changes to provincial legislation, Saanich does not permit residents to apply glyphosate themselves.  A Pesticide Permit is needed and a Certified Pesticide Applicator must do the treatment. 

The Pesticide Bylaw regulates that “no person may apply or otherwise use pesticides for the purpose of maintaining” the following:

  • Outdoor trees
  • Shrubs
  • Flowers
  • Ornamental plants
  • Turf

The bylaw applies to both private and public lands. The bylaw does not apply to agricultural lands, inside buildings, commercial, institutional, or industrial properties.


There are three main exemptions to the pesticide bylaw.

Exemption 1 — Permitted Pesticides

Exemption 2 — Select Pest Management

The bylaw does not apply if you’re managing pests that:

  • Transmit human diseases;
  • Have an impact on agriculture or forestry;
  • Are on or inside buildings;
  • Are on a parcel of land that is used solely for institutional, industrial or commercial purposes. Golf courses, for example.
  • Are on residential areas of farms.

Exemption 3 — Saanich Land

The bylaw authorizes Saanich to apply pesticides on public land owned or held by the District of Saanich. However, we must follow the Integrated Pest Management Policy to ensure there are no other options.