Parks Bylaws

We have many parks, greenspaces, playgrounds, sports fields and beach areas. Let’s make sure everyone can enjoy them safely.

Bench in Grant Park

Please follow our guidelines and bylaws: 

Parks Management and Control Bylaw

Please note that restrictions regarding sheltering in parks are between hours of 7 p.m. and 9 a.m. daily. 

There are no designated overnight campgrounds in Saanich and camping is not permitted in Saanich Parks. However, people who need to shelter overnight in a park as a result of experiencing homelessness, may do so under certain conditions

Anyone seeing sheltering in parks outside of the bylaw is asked to report it to the police non-emergency line (250-475-4321).

Other daytime use of parks (as outlined in the bylaw) is allowed as for any other park visitor. 

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Trail guidelines

 Saanich has more than 85 km of trails. These range from regional trails such the Lochside Regional Trail or the Galloping Goose Regional Trail to local trails through neighbourhood parks to narrow tracks such as some of the hiking trails in Mount Douglas Park.

Animal control bylaw

Know what the rules for everything from chickens to rabbits to dogs. 

Tree protection bylaw

We oversee the Tree Protection Bylaw regulating the altering and removal of protected trees in Saanich.