Cuthbert Holmes and Tillicum Park Management Plan

Forest trail

Many people enjoy Cuthbert Holmes Park for its forests, the Colquitz River, wildlife and trails. In the past, we had a number of problems related to natural areas management, trails, recreation and safety.

Council endorsed a plan to address these issues. It will protect native vegetation, remove invasive plants, accommodate recreation and help people find their way. Check out the work in progress on this plan.

Colquitz River Estuary

With its attractive setting and variety of wildlife, the Colquitz River is tempting to explore from the water. However, many of the features that support its diversity are fragile and easily damaged.

Sign posted along Colquitz River stating Do Not Enter - Quiet Zone for WildlifeThe river estuary, where fresh water meets sea water, is shallow with mud flats [PDF - 140 KB] and eel grass beds that provide important nursery habitat for fish, including salmon, and a variety of invertebrates. The tide influences this area and the river is frequently too shallow for boats to enter without disturbing this important feature.

The river also becomes very narrow, making it virtually impossible to travel on the water without disturbing the variety of birds, including the blue-listed Great Blue Heron, and other animals, including minks, otters, racoons and seals that use the river. Some animals find food and shelter here, for others the river is an important wildlife corridor, allowing them to travel to and from the resources they need to survive in an urban setting.

  • Help to provide refuge for the wildlife in our city.
  • Please - refrain from boating on the Colquitz Estuary and River at all times.
  • Keep your dog out of the river and vegetation and stay on the trails in Cuthbert Holmes Park.