Park Reservations

Did you know that you can reserve space in our parks? You can book picnic tables for picnics and parties or sports fields (if available) for fun and games!

All parks are first come first served if no reservations in place. Anyone with a permit can request you to relocate to another park area if they have paid for priority use of a space.

As parks are open to the public, no one can have exclusive use of the entire park, but areas like the picnic table or sports field (specially for our organized sports by home user groups) can be reserved.

As we have over 170 parks with multiple areas in parks you can reserve, check out rentals for a few key areas in commonly booked parks. 

Last updated: September 30, 2019.  As there are minimal park reservations in the Fall/Winter, we will provide weekly updates again in the late Spring 2020.

 Beckwith Park

 Beckwith Park [PDF - 314 KB] has 5 individual picnic tables you can reserve. Note that playing fields and other areas may also be booked. If it is soccer season, the park will be very busy most Saturday and Sunday mornings! As a busy community park, we strive to only have on major event booked at one time. Multiple small family events may be scheduled on the same day. Note that soccer runs weekends September through March.

Cadboro-Gyro Park

Cadboro-Gyro Park [PDF - 367 KB] has multiple picnic areas you can reserve.  This includes single tables as well as two larger picnic areas. Just the bookings for the two main picnic areas are shown. Other picnic tables, the open field and beach access area may also be reserved. Contact us to see if space available!

Mount Douglas Park

Mount Douglas Park [PDF - 3 MB] has two picnic areas in the lower beach parking lot area. Note: other areas of the park may also be booked.