Prospect Lake Boating Access


All recreational power boaters need a Canadian Boating License. Find details at BOATsmart Canada. Saanich Police patrol the lake to ensure compliance with regulations. 

Boat-launching Locations

Find the boat launches on the following boating regulations map:

  • Echo Drive - boat trailer access, limited parking
  • Whitehead Park - carry-in boat launch, parking
  • Estelline Park - carry-in boat launch, limited parking

Personal Watercraft

We don’t allow Jet Skis and Sea-Doos (Noise Bylaw). 

Waterskiing and Tubing

It is a criminal offence to tow a person without having a lookout person on board (Criminal Code of Canada). You may only waterski and tube between 10 a.m. and a half-hour before sunset.

Speed Limits and Direction of Travel

We place buoys 91 m from shore, as established in Canada Shipping Act Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations. See the following map. 

Boating Regulations for Prospect Lake

Click here for a printable Boating Regulations Map [PDF - 14.1 MB]

The maximum speed for all power craft is 8 km/hr (5 mph), except within the buoys. There, the limit is 60 km/hr (36 mph) between 10 a.m. and a half-hour before sunset (Canada Shipping Act). You can waterski and tube only in this area and during these hours.

We ask all power craft to move in a counter-clockwise direction within the buoyed area.

Dangerous Boating  

It’s against the law to operate a boat in a dangerous manner (Criminal Code of Canada).

Impaired Boating

It’s against the law to operate a boat while impaired (Criminal Code of Canada).


No person shall launch or operate a motor boat unless it is equipped with a muffler which expels exhaust through water before passing into the air (Noise Bylaw [PDF - 28 KB]).