Pop-up Dog Parks

Group of dogs off leash running in a open grass field near a fence

What was this?

The Summer Pop-Up Dog Park was a pilot project, approved by Sannich Council in May, and took place in Saanich Parks over 10 weeks this summer.

When did this happen?

Pop-up sites ran from June 29 through to September 7, 2021, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily (no enforcement of operating hours). 

Survey results

An online survey was open for the duration of the program. Check out the data collected from that survey [PDF - 3 MB].


Concerns have arisen about the impact dogs off leash have on wildlife, natural areas, property trespass and the enjoyment of other park users. Since dogs can be off leash if under effective control in most Saanich Parks, this pilot project was in response to uphold the concerns non-dog owners have while being inclusive to dog owner needs. The program:

  • Provided a safe space for dog owners to allow their dog to play off leash.
  • Supplied a space to promote community building through similar dog related interests.
  • Provided an opportunity to educate pet owners about our ‘Park Petiquette’ information enabling dog owners to excel.
  • Provided opportunities for dog owners' to redirect their utilization of park facilities such as tennis courts, artificial turfs and fenced baseball diamonds.
  • Offered a temporary ‘trial’ space where dog owners can have their dogs off leash while also maintaining the integrity of other park facilities.

Two dogs running in the grass off leash

Dog etiquette

Always keep a collar on your dog

  • It provides information if your dog runs away, and, it allows you to hold them back if immediate control is necessary.

Bring your pup’s leash with you

  • Allows you to remove your dog from situations before they escalate.

Clean up after your furry friend

  • Leaving dog waste on the ground is uncourteous. Always bring waste bags and place in appropriate garbage bins or dispose at home.

Stay attentive.

  • Responsible dog owners know where their dog is at all times. Watch to make sure your dog isn’t disrupting wildlife. If conflicts arises, dog owners should immediately intervene to mitigate any issues.

Ensure your dog is healthy and up to date on their vaccinations.

  • Keep them home if they are showing any signs of illness.
  • Sick dogs can infect other dogs through shared water dishes and direct contact.

Respect other dogs and dog owners

  • Do not discipline other dogs. Always ask before engaging with the dogs of others.