Sign Permit Application

You need permission to erect, place, construct, alter or move a sign within Saanich.

How to Apply

You will need two copies of the following documents.

  • Application Form – signed by the owner or the owner’s authorized agent.
  • A top-view plan of the property showing the location of each proposed sign.
  • Scaled drawings for each proposed sign. Include dimensions in metric, materials, colours and lighting.

If you are applying for a fascia, wall or canopy sign, you must also provide a drawing or photo showing the following:

  • The entire face of the building where you want the sign to go.
  • The location of all existing and proposed signs.


  • $30 for each sign 0.4 sq m or smaller.
  • $60 for each sign larger than 0.4 sq m, but not exceeding 2 sq m.
  • $100 for each sign exceeding 2 sq m.

Note: Fees are subject to change.