Development Variance Permit

A Development Variance Permit (or DVP) allows for variances to requirements set out in Saanich by-laws,  such as the Zoning By-law or the Sign By-law. A variance, whether granted via a DVP or through the Board of Variance, may not vary the density or use of land. Changes to the land use or density of a site are done through the Rezoning Process. Consult with an Area Planner to determine the plan submission requirements for a Development Variance Permit Application.

Where compliance with the Zoning Bylaw respecting the siting, dimension or size of a building or structure would cause a property owner undue hardship, they may apply to the Board of Variance for a minor variance from the Zoning By-law.

A Variance sought through the Board of Variance and denied, can still be considered by Council through a Development Variance Permit Application.