Engineering Permits

Borehole Permits

Drilling and testing a borehole can tell if the soil is contaminated.  It allows soil layers to be checked and gives the water table levels or water quality.

The Municipality must have five (5) working days to process a Borehole Permit Application [PDF - 99 KB]. The cost of borehole or well monitoring is included in the initial permit fee.

Boulevard Permits

A boulevard is the land from your property line to the curb of the roadway or where there is no curb to the edge of the shoulder and may or may not include a sidewalk or multi-use pathway.  If you are unsure where your property line ends and the boulevard begins, please go to the Saanich Geographical Information System (GIS).

The District has a Boulevard Regulation Bylaw [PDF - 292 KB] which oversees the maintenance and boulevard permitting processes. To landscape or alter your boulevard a Boulevard Permit is required. An application for a Boulevard Permit can be found here [PDF - 374 KB]. There is no fee for a boulevard permit, however a fine can be levied if works on a boulevard proceed without a valid boulevard permit. 

Please note: You may only apply for a boulevard permit for the boulevard in front of your own property.

Landscaping Plants for Boulevards

Any plants for landscaping must come from an Approved List, or with approval from Saanich.  If you’d like to plant a tree on the boulevard, please call the Saanich Parks Department at 250-475-5522.


Boulevard Trees

For removal or to request a new tree please see related link.

We Do Not Approve Boulevard Permits for:

  • Fences
  • Individual rocks set on the boulevard
  • Parking areas
  • Sheds
  • Retaining walls
  • Hedges on the boulevard

Fire Hydrant Permit

  • Do you operate a construction firm and need a supply of water to keep the dust down in the neighbourhood where you’re working? 

Fire Hydrant Permit Application [PDF - 89 KB] allows you access to bulk water for up to two (2) days.  The Municipality requires 24 hours notice for the use of a hydrant.


Permit to Occupy the Road Allowance:

  • Renovating your kitchen and need to place a large waste container on the road allowance? 
  • Moving and need to park a U-pack storage unit on the boulevard?

A Road Occupancy Permit Application [PDF - 149 KB] is required to place a container or object on the road or boulevard. 

Applications must be made five (5) working days before placement to allow for inspection and approval by a Public Works Inspector. 

Permit to Work on the Road Allowance

You’ll Need a Permit to Put In:

  • Sidewalks
  • Drains
  • Water Mains
  • Sewers
  • New telephone and hydro poles on the road allowance

Road Allowance Applications  [PDF - 212 KB] must be made five (5) working days prior to beginning work to allow for inspection and approval by a Public Works Inspector.

Do I need Liability Insurance?

Yes.  Saanich requires $5,000,000 third party liability insurance coverage.  Please have your insurance company fill out a Certificate of Insurance [PDF - 134 KB] form.


Oversized Vehicle Permit

Permits are required for any heavy load over the weight guidelines outlined by the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE)


  • Completed CVSE 1052  [PDF - 571 KB] available from The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
  • A Route Map
    • Certify that adequate clearances and protection of overhead and underground infrastructure exists to be submitted by a Professional Engineer registered in the Province of BC. 
    • Certify that there is adequate clearance for trees on the route. 
    • Identify all infrastructure that requires relocation or any tree removals or trimming.  If needed, a certified arborist must be obtained to develop a tree trimming plan.  
      • Saanich will provide an estimate for this work and payment must be received in full before issuing the permit. 

Detailed Move Timeline

  • Outlining the period in which any infrastructure such as streetlights and traffic poles need to be removed. Saanich Public Works stand-by rates will apply beyond the initial hours outlined.  

Detailed Traffic Management Plan

  • Required for each move as well as providing any required traffic control and flag persons. Lane closures must be completed in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) Manual for Work on Roadways. 

A permit application fee of $5 applies and must be paid before a permit is processed.  All permit applications require five (5) working days notice for review and approval.  If infrastructure relocation or tree work is required, 15 working days notice is required.