Development Permit Guidelines

The Saanich Development Permit Guidelines are currently undergoing review.  You can find more information about the Draft Updated Development Permit Area Design Guidelines here: DPA Design Guidelines

You will find Development Permit Areas defined in Appendix N of the Official Community Plan. It lays out development permit area objectives and guidelines. It also covers the means of protecting the natural environment.

The referenced schedules included in the Development Permit Guidelines can be found here:

Development Permit Areas

Saanich is divided into development permit areas. 

Specific Development Permit Areas apply to:

  • Major commercial
  • Industrial
  • Multi-family residential areas
  • Areas which may be subject to flooding or hazardous conditions

General Development Permit Area includes:

  • Scattered commercial
  • Industrial
  • Multi-family dwelling uses, including two-family dwellings

If a commercial, industrial or multi-family development is deemed exempt from a development permit as outlined in the exemptions criteria in the document, but the building permit value would exceed $100,000, these developments will be considered by the Design Panel.

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Development Permit Area Maps

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