Rezoning Process

The Zoning Bylaw divides the municipality into zones and regulates the use and density of  structures; and the shape, dimensions, and area of parcels that may be created by subdivision.

Applications to change zoning designations may be initiated at any time by any individual (with the owners consent) or by the municipality. Following a public hearing, Council may change a zoning designation through an amending bylaw.

The Board of Variance may permit minor relaxation of regulations concerning siting, dimensions, and size of buildings and structures where strict enforcement of the Zoning Bylaw could cause undue hardship.

Development Permits are generally required for new construction or where external changes are proposed to multi-family, commercial, or industrial uses. Typically, development permits are approved in conjunction with arezoning application for the uses noted. Development permits are used to ensure that developments are constructed in accordance with plans approved by Council. Development permits cannot be used to regulate the design of single family houses. Persons are advised to contact the Planning Department on development permits as there may be guidelines in place which can affect important siting or design considerations prior to plan submission.

Development Variance Permits may be issued by Council to vary the provisions of the Zoning and Subdivision Bylaws, except as they refer to use, density, and floodplain specifications.

Rezoning Application Forms are available on-line or from the Planning Department. To have an application mailed or faxed to you phone us at (250) 475-5471 or e-mail us.

Please note: As of June 1, 2019 Step Code will apply to all new residential and commercial buildings. It is recommended that applicants familiarize themselves with the requirements of the Step Code and the use of a registered energy advisor, energy models and air tightness testing.