Duplex Zoning Requirements

A two-family dwelling (duplex) is permitted in the RD-1 and RD-1A zones.

An application to rezone will be considered under the following OCP policies:

5.1.2 Housing

  1. Evaluate zoning applications for two-family dwellings on the basis of neighbourhood context and lot size, building scale and design, access, and parking.
  2. Two family dwelling lots should be 1.3 times the minimum area of the largest adjacent single family dwelling zone.  However, where a local area plan policy supports a zone with a minimum lot size that is smaller than the existing subdivision minimum, then the local area plan policy shall apply for the purpose of calculating the minimum area for a two-family dwelling lot.
  3. Well designed duplexes on corner and double fronting lots will be given favourable consideration.

Rezoning applications must be accompanied with a Development Permit application and applicable fees, a site plan, floor plans, elevations, and landscape plan, application forms and a plan submissions checksheet.

Prior to rezoning, all duplex sites are included in a Development Permit Area and subject to the Development Permit Guidelines in the Official Community Plan.  The approved plans will form part of the development permit and any changes will require Municipal approval.

Prior to submitting an application, the applicant should:

  • consult with the Land Development Division of the Engineering Department about servicing requirements, and
  • consult with neighbours about possible concerns in order that they can be addressed prior to consideration by Council.

Development Lot Requirements

If Largest Adjacent SFD Zone is: Standard Lot Area
RS-2 520 m2
RS-4 598 m2
RS-6, 6A 728 m2
RS-8, 8A 864.5 m2
RS-10, RS-10A, RS-10B, RS-11 1014 m2
RS-12, 12A, 12B 1209 m2
RS-13 1885 m2
RS-14, 14A 2626 m2
RS-15 3900 m2
RS-16 0.52 ha


  • Lot size is based on the net size after road dedication.
  • The area for panhandle lots in zones RS-6 to RS-13 excludes the area of the access strip.
  • For the purposes of duplex rezoning, lot width is measured at the front building line.

Front Building Line - means a line parallel to the front lot line at a distance there from equal to the depth of the required setback for the principal building or structure for the zone in which the lot is located.

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