Antenna Application

Do you need to apply for a permit?

You don’t need an application in these cases:

  • You don’t need construction to place your T.V. antenna, satellite dish or small antenna onto a building, utility pole or tree (a tree permit may be required for works on and around Bylaw-protected trees, please verify with Saanich Parks).

  • Your new antenna system is less than 15 m above ground level and it’s installed in line with our policy.

  • For details, see Administrative Policy 1/ANT Antenna Applications – Procedures for Processing [PDF - 23 KB].

What to include in your application

Provide the Planning Department with a document that outlines your consultation of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Details to include

  • Meetings held.

  • Questionnaires given.

  • Number of households contacted.

  • Description of the area consulted.

You also need a building permit.

Antenna Application Requirements

  • Application Form [PDF - 17 KB] – signed by owner

  • Three sets of plans (site plan and suitable design drawings)

  • Current Certificate of Title (within 30 days)

  • No Fee