Public EV Charging Stations

Low carbon transportation options such as electric vehicles (EVs) and active transportation are central to achieving our climate targets as outlined in Saanich's Climate Plan. Having a robust network of public charging stations is essential to give EV drivers confidence that they will have somwhere to fuel up when on the road. Check here for rebate information and here for short, hepful videos about EV ranges, public charging stations, and more.

Electric Vehicle Charging Locations provides information on the location of stations, any fees that may apply and real-time information on whether the stations are in use. The Capital Region now has three DC Fast Chargers and dozens of Level 2 Chargers, including two EV stations at each of the following Saanich facilities:

  • Saanich Municipal Hall, 770 Vernon Ave (Look for the Visitor Parking signs to find the public charger. Avoid the fleet only charging stations beside the Annex building.)
  • Saanich Commonwealth Place, 4636 Elk Lake Drive
  • Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, 3220 Cedar Hill Rd
  • Cedar Hill Golf Course, 1400 Derby Road
  • Pearkes Recreation Centre, 3100 Tillicum Rd
  • Gordon Head Recreation Centre, 4100 Lambrick Way

Stay tuned for 20 new EV Charging Stations coming to Saanich facilities and parks in 2021!

How to use Saanich-owned public charging stations

Simply plug in your vehicle, then use the app on your phone or swipe your card to start charging. Use the Flo – EV Charging Network App on your smart phone to gain access. Or, sign up online and order a Flo Card through your account (a $15 charge applies). By using the Flo app you will also gain access to EV Chargers on other major networks such as Chargepoint. You will find detailed instructions here: FLO Accounts User Guide [PDF - 2 MB] or call Flo at 1-877-505-2674 for assistance.

Saanich's EV Chargers are subject to a 3-hour time limit between 8am and 5pm, or during the operating hours of the facility at which it is located. A $1/hour user fee is in place for Saanich-owned charging stations. This nominal was introduced in 2021 in order to:

  • encourage turnover at the stations so more users may access them;
  • recuperate the costs of electricity and maintenance of the stations; and
  • align with other municipalities in the region who have introduced a fee for charging.

How to use BC Hydro Fast Charging Stations

BC Hydro has information online on how to use their Fast Charger network.