Electric Mobility Strategy

The District of Saanich is developing an Electric Mobility Strategy to support a rapid transition to electric vehicles and e-bikes in Saanich.

The Electric Mobility Strategy focuses on light duty vehicles and e-bikes, because these are most readily available and will have the biggest impact on Saanich’s community greenhouse gas emissions. As more electric and renewable energy medium- and heavy-duty vehicles become available, strategies to support a transition to these vehicles will be developed. 

Electric Mobility Backgrounders

More information about electric mobility can be found in these backgrounders:

How will the Electric Mobility Strategy be developed?

The Electric Mobility Strategy will be developed in a 5-phase process, as shown in the graphic below.
Process for Electric Mobility Strategy Development

Phases 1-3 are now complete and we are in Phase 4.

Community and stakeholder engagement

In the past two years, there has been considerable public and stakeholder engagement about electric vehicles and e-bikes in Saanich and the Greater Victoria region, including:

  • Engagement on electric vehicles and e-bikes as part of the Capital Region EV and E-Bike Infrastructure Planning Project;
  • Plugging the Gaps Event: a conversation about EV charging for people who live in condos and apartment buildings; 
  • Engagement with the development industry and other stakeholders as part of developing EV charging infrastructure requirements for new developments in Saanich; and
  • Three phases of engagement between May 2018 and September 2019 as part of updating Saanich’s Climate Plan. 

Together, these engagement activities have provided valuable information concerning the support of Saanich residents for electric vehicles and e-bikes and for climate action more generally, as well as the barriers and challenges to making the transition to EVs and e-bikes. This is summarized in:
Electric Mobility Engagement Summary [PDF - 186 KB]

In Phase 2 of developing the Electric Mobility Strategy, Saanich staff reviewed previous engagement findings, conducted research on best practices and the experiences of leading jurisdictions, and analyzed relevant data. Through this research and analysis, staff identified several proposed actions that the District of Saanich might take to support electric mobility in Saanich.

These proposed actions were the focus of Phase 3, in which the public and stakeholders were invited to review and provide feedback on the proposed actions.

Feedback from Phase 3 will be incorporated into the Electric Mobility Strategy that is being drafted in Phase 4 and will be finalized in Phase 5.