Ecofootprint and Consumption-Based Emissions

A consumption-based emissions inventory includes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released to produce goods and services consumed within a region, regardless of where they were originally produced. That is, it estimates global emissions resulting from local consumption habits.

The ecofootprint encompasses more than GHG emissions. It estimates how much biologically productive land and water area an individual or population needs to produce all the resources it consumes and to absorb the GHGes it generates. It is measured in global hectares (gha) where a global hectare is a biologically productive hectare with globally averaged productivity for that year.

The CBEI and the Ecofootprint report are generated using the ecoCity Footprint Tool (see: developed by Dr. Jennie Moore at BCIT.

Read the full report, prepared by CHRM Consulting, here: 2021-Consumption-Based-Emissions-Inventory-Ecofootprint.pdf [PDF - 1 MB]

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