Progress Reports

Climate Action Progress Reports

2020 Climate Plan: 100% Renewable and Resilient Saanich

The Climate Plan, adopted in January 2020, includes a commitment to annual progress reporting. Watch this space for the Climate Report Card, starting in 2021.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Report

Each year, Saanich reports on corporatre (District operations) GHG emissions to the B.C. Government. 

CDP and Global Covenant of Mayors Reporting

The District joins cities around the world committing to climate action and transparent disclosure of climate action progress. Learn more about the CDP Cities and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

Progress on 2010 Climate Action Plan and 2011 Climate Adaptation Plan

We’ve made strides with many of the targets we set in previous Climate Plans. That said, we still have much more to do.
View the Climate Action Plan Progress Repor [PDF - 960 KB] for details.

Target Status
Complete adaptation and mitigation actions in 2010 Climate Action Plan and 2011 Climate Adaptation Plan.  Over 80% of actions complete or ongoing
Achieve 33% reduction in community GHG emissions by 2020 (from 2007 baseline) Emissions in 2017 (latest inventory) increased by 3.5%. 
Achieve 50% reduction in corporate (District operations) GHG emissions by 2020 (from 2007 baseline) Emissions in 2018 (latest data available) decreased by 13%. 


Visit the Climate Plan page for more information on climate action moving forwards.