Active Transportation Plan

What is Saanich's Active Transportation Plan?

Saanich residents move around the community in many different ways – walking, biking, skateboarding, riding the bus, driving, carpooling – the list goes on. At Saanich we are committed to improving walking, biking and other active mobility options by the creation of our Active Transportation Plan.

Through the Moving Saanich Forward project, we have worked with the community to develop a vision along with policies and actions to guide the development of safe, attractive and convenient active transportation options for people of all ages and abilities over the next 30-years.

The future active transportation network

What does the future of active transportation in Saanich look like?

These helpful pages show Saanich's committed projects, the short, medium, and long-term network connections, and the implementation tables for the strategies and actions of the Active Transportation Plan.

How did we get here?

 Engagement summaries

1.  Engagement Summary #1

2.  Engagement Summary #2 

3.  Engagement Summary #3 

Discussion papers

1.  Discussion Paper #1: Baseline Conditions Report

2.  Discussion Paper #2:  Future Directions Report 

3.  Discussion Paper #3:  Draft Long-Term Plan