Official Community Plan

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What is the Official Community Plan?

The District of Saanich has numerous community plans and policies to guide growth and change within our municipality.  The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the most important, providing the primary guidance.  In concert with other plans and policies, the OCP provides a flexible framework to advance initiatives toward ensuring that Saanich is a livable sustainable community.

The OCP contains policy to inform decisions by Council, staff and the public to:

  • Manage growth and land use
  • Protect the natural environment
  • Guide transportation and mobility priorities
  • Develop the economy
  • Meet housing needs
  • Address climate change
  • Build infrastructure.

How can I get a copy of the OCP?

  • Download a digital copy of the Saanich OCP
  • Buy a hard copy from the Planning Department, $25 for full colour or $15 for black and white.
  • View a reference copy at the Saanich Planning Department, Municipal Hall, 770 Vernon Avenue.

OCP Maps

What other policy documents are part of the OCP?

Council has adopted Local Area Plans and  Centre and Corridor Plans that form part of the Official Community Plan.

Appendix “A” - General Plan (Official Community Plan)
Appendix “B” - Blenkinsop Local Area Plan
Appendix “C” - Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan
Appendix “D” - Carey Local Area Plan
Appendix “E” - Cordova Bay Local Area Plan
Appendix “F” - Gordon Head Local Area Plan
Appendix “G” - North Quadra Local Area Plan
Appendix “H” - Quadra Local Area Plan
Appendix “I” - Royal Oak Local Area Plan
Appendix “J” - Rural Saanich Local Area Plan
Appendix “K” - Saanich Core Local Area Plan
Appendix “L” - Shelbourne Local Area Plan
Appendix “M” - Tillicum Local Area Plan

The OCP also designates Development Permit Areas, conditions or objectives, and Development Permit Area Guidelines that regulate special aspects of development such as architectural design, exterior finishes, and protection of the natural environment.

Appendix “N” - Development Permit Areas, Justification and Guidelines
Appendix “O” - Shelbourne Valley Action Plan
Appendix "P" - Uptown-Douglas Plan

When was the OCP adopted?

Council adopted the OCP in July 2008 following an extensive community consultation process.  Saanich's previous Official Community Plans were adopted in 1979, 1984, and 1993. 

How does an OCP stay current?

To stay relevant, the OCP must evolve over time. At regular intervals (every 5 to 10 years) and with the input of Council, staff, key stakeholders and the public, the OCP is updated through a public process to: 

  • Check if its vision, goals and objectives are still valid, and
  • Update current practices, policies and procedures.

How does the OCP fit into regional plans for growth?

Saanich's OCP works in tandem with the Capital Regional District's Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) .

The RGS was updated in 2018. To provide alignment with the RGS, an amendment to the OCP’s Regional Context Statement was endorsed on October 20, 2020.