Strategic OCP Update

About the OCP

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the main document that guides growth and change in Saanich. It provides a long-term vision for a livable community based on shared values and sustainability. The OCP works together with other plans and policies.

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The Draft Plan was released in May 2023 with consultation completed from mid-May to mid-July. The Phase 2 Engagement Report was presented to Council in August.

Watch the video learn more about the project. Additional information and resources are available in the Project Background and Documents and Draft Plan sections.

Project Next Steps

Thanks to everyone who provided input on the Draft Plan! The Phase 2 Engagement Report was received by Council in August. Staff are continuing to work through Draft Plan revisions and meet with stakeholders as needed as part of the revision process. A revised Draft Plan will be brought forward for Council consideration later this fall.

Relationship to Area Plans

At its August 14, 2023, Committee of the Whole meeting, Council considered how area plans (Local Area Plans and Centre, Corridor and Village Plans) should be addressed in the new OCP Bylaw. Currently, the OCP includes all these plans as appendices to the Bylaw. The Council report and Open House display boards (p. 22-24) provide more background on this topic and challenges with the existing structure.

Council directed staff to:

1. Prepare a new Official Community Plan bylaw which includes the updated General Plan (i.e., the “Draft Plan) and the following appendices: the Uptown Douglas Plan, the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan, the Cordova Bay Village Sub-Area Plan, the Cadboro Bay Village Sub-Area Plan, and the Development Permit Area Guidelines; and

2. With regards to Local Area Plans:

a. Assess existing Local Area Plan housing and land use content;
b. Bring back recommendations on potential revisions for Council’s consideration; and
c. Bring forward the existing Local Area Plans for approval by Council resolution.

Staff are working through implementing this recommendation and preparing the revised Bylaw structure and related policy documents. As new Centre, Village and Corridor Plans are completed, for example for the Quadra-McKenzie area, these plans will be incorporated into the OCP Bylaw.

The proposed approach recognizes the Draft Plan (i.e., the General Plan) and recently completed detailed planning processes as providing the guiding vision for land use in the District of Saanich. It also ensures that as new Centre, Corridor and Village Plans are completed, there is consistency between all components of the OCP Bylaw. The Local Area Plans will be adopted by Council Resolution, like the Climate Plan, Housing Strategy, and Active Transportation Plan, and continue to inform decision making.


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