Strategic OCP Update

About the OCP

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the main document that guides growth and change in Saanich. It provides a long-term vision for a livable community based on shared values and sustainability. The OCP works together with other plans and policies.

New Official Community Plan (OCP) Adopted

On May 7, 2024 Council adopted a new Saanich Official Community Plan.

The OCP Bylaw includes the Official Community Plan, Development Permit Area Guidelines and three Centre, Corridor and Village Plans, as follows:

Local Area Plans and Action Plans are adopted by Council Resolution, but do not form part of the OCP Bylaw.

Learn More – Project Documents & Information Sessions

More information on the project process, past Council reports, and draft plans are available on the Project Background and Documents page.

Two webinars were held to allow people to learn more about the details of the Plan and ask questions. Please see links to presentations below.

OCP Webinar 1
January 23 OCP Webinar Presentation [PDF - 5 MB]

OCP Webinar 2
January 25 OCP Webinar Presentation.pdf [PDF - 5 MB]

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who provided input on the Proposed Plan! For more information on project engagement opportunities and findings review the Phase 1 and Phase 2 engagement reports (Project Background & Documents).


Have questions not yet answered or additional feedback to share? Reach out to the project team at or 250-475-5471.

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