Project Background and Documents

Strategic OCP Update Background 

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the main document that guides growth and change in Saanich. It provides a long-term vision for a livable community based on shared values and sustainability. The OCP works together with other plans and policies.

The Strategic OCP Update will retain the sustainability vision of the current OCP and focus efforts on key elements that reflect recent trends and Council directions. The update focuses on five priorities:

  1. Incorporate recent District work, such as the Climate Plan, Housing Strategy and Active Transportation Plan, into the broader directions of the OCP.
  2. Integrate updated demographic data and statistics.
  3. Update the land use framework to address emerging policy priorities (i.e. corridors, missing middle/infill housing, walkable neighbourhoods).
  4. Refine its sustainability approach and link it with One Planet Living.
  5. Strengthen monitoring and implementation.

The Proposed Plan also incorporates new Provincial directions and legislative changes related to infill housing, amenity contributions, and transit-oriented development.

This project has three phases and an accelerated timeline which reflects its focused scope of work.


Project Documents

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