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Transportation Projects

Burnside/Helmcken Traffic Signal Upgrade

Start Date: May 2019
End Date: June 2019
Last Updated: May 2019
Budget: $400,000

Project Description: This project will replace the aging traffic signals at the intersection of Burnside Road and Helmcken Road, and improve pedestrian facilities in the area. We are adjusting the intersection crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety, and adding or updating the corner ramps and traffic islands at the intersection to match the new crosswalk locations and provide improved shielding from vehicle traffic. We are also adding a new gravel sidewalk on the east side of Burnside Road from the intersection at Helmcken Road to Little Road. 

During the construction period, you can expect crew and equipment to be on-site Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 3:30pm. Single alternating traffic will be in effect. Extended construction hours, and even night work may be in effect to facilitate installation of the new signal bases. We kindly ask you to follow the instructions of the traffic control and or construction personnel. 

Construction is anticipated to begin in early May and is expected to be complete by June 2019. The District of Saanich will be responsible for the restoration of the construction area and will try to minimize any inconvenience to local residents during the construction period.

Project Status: Construction begins May 6, 2019
Project Manager:
Graeme Galloway


Cadboro Bay – Hibbens Close to Killarney Road Pedestrian Improvements

Start Date: January 21, 2019
End Date: March 2019
Last Updated: January 30, 2019

Project Description: This project will provide interim pedestrian improvements along Cadboro Bay Road between Hibbens Close and Killarney Road until the other more permanent improvements planned in the 5-10 year time frame as outlined in the Active Transportation Plan can be implemented. Working within the constraints of a limited budget available for this work and taking into consideration feedback we have received to date, we have come up with a design of temporary pedestrian facilities on the east side Cadboro Bay Road from Hibbens Close to Killarney Road as well as installation of a permanent signed and marked crosswalk at Vista Bay Road, complete with pedestrian activated flashing beacons. On the east side of Cadboro Bay Road, the cyclists and vehicles will now share the lane as they travel towards Killarney Ave. To facilitate this change, share arrow markings will be painted on the roadway.

The location of the crosswalk was chosen to allow for the required sight lines to protect pedestrians. Due to the complexity of the intersection at Beach Drive, Hibbens Close and Cadboro Bay Road, this is the safest location without costly intersection improvements.

The proposed walkway is on the roadway because, even with boulevard clearing in some locations, the grades to access the driveways would be unmanageable, extremely steep and costly if we were to provide a sidewalk behind the curb. This is also a temporary facility that can be implemented in the 3-4month period with the current budget we have available, versus a more expensive and involved design which would take years.

Please take a look at the Cadboro Bay Concept Drawing  [PDF - 2 MB]

Project Manager: Ashley Ramsay


 Caen Rd & Dieppe Rd Sidewalk – Dieppe Rd to Quadra St 

Start Date: Summer 2018
Finish Date: Summer 2019
Last Updated: April 2019
Budget: $400,000

Project Description:  This project is intended as a continuation of the newly constructed concrete sidewalk on Dieppe Rd to complete the gap in pedestrian facilities between Dieppe Road and Quadra Street. Construction for this project will be done in two phases. Phase one includes new sidewalk on the corner on Quadra Street and Caen Road in preparation for asphalt overlay along Quadra Street. Phase two includes the continuation of the new sidewalk along Caen Road towards Dieppe Road and along Dieppe Road to the north back towards Quadra Street. For more information, please review the Caen & Dieppe Conceptual Plan [PDF - 3 MB].

Project Status: Phase one complete, phase two in design
Project Manager: Ashley Locke


Cedar Hill Road Crosswalk - at Doncaster Drive

Start Date: Winter 2019
Finish Date:
Spring 2019
Last Updated:
April 2019

Project Description: This project will include the installation of a new crosswalk on Cedar Hill Road at the intersection of Doncaster Drive and McRae Avenue. New sidewalks will be installed on both sides of Cedar Hill and the approach angles of Doncaster Drive and McRae Avenue will be adjusted to improve traffic patterns, visibility, and pedestrian safety. Pedestrian activated flashing beacons will also be installed along with crosswalk signs and paint markings. For more information, please review the Cedar Hill crosswalk conceptual plan [PDF - 510 KB]

Project Status: Construction complete. Crosswalk opened March 28, 2019
Project Manager: Ashley Locke


Feltham Road Re-laning – Shelbourne St to Tyndall Ave

Start Date: Fall 2018
Finish Date: Spring 2019
Last Updated: April 2019
Budget: $600,000

Project Description:  This project is driven by the Active Transportation Plan and will provide improvements to sidewalks and new dedicated cycling facilities along Feltham Rd from Shelbourne St to Tyndall Ave. Plans include road re-laning, buffered bike lanes, a full pavement overlay and improvements to existing sidewalks.

Construction will be completed in two phases. Phase one includes repairs to the road base, repairs to the storm drain system and replacement of sub-standard sidewalk to be constructed in the fall and winter of 2018. Phase two includes a new asphalt road surface and new road lane markings to be constructed in the spring of 2019.

Project Display Board [PDF - 1 MB]

Project Status: Sidewalk upgrades are complete. Asphalt overlay and lane painting is scheduled for April 2019.
Project Manager: Ashley Locke


Finnerty Road - McKenzie Ave to Arbutus Rd Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Start Date: Early 2019
End Date: Summer 2019
Last Updated: January 2019

Project Description:  This project will infill new concrete sidewalks, install dedicated protected bike lanes and place an asphalt overlay between the roundabout at McKenzie Ave and Arbutus Rd. Currently, there are gaps in the curb and sidewalks and no bike lanes on Finnerty Rd. The project will also replace and upgrade 510 meter of aging water mains to improve fire flows and upgrade to LED streetlights.

Project Goals:

  • Provide safe facilities that promote safe streets and more people walking and riding bikes
  • Close sidewalk and cycling gaps
  • Rehabilitation of aging underground infrastructure
  • Provide access to the nearby middle school and UVic
  • Improve available fire flows
  • Reduce frequency of unplanned service interruptions
  • Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Finnerty Display Board

Project Status: Issued for Tender
Project Manager: Ben Lubberts


Ridgebank Cres Reconstruction – Carey Rd to Vanalman Ave

Start Date: Winter 2019
Finish Date: Summer 2019
Last Updated: April 2019
Budget: $830,000

Project Description: This project will include the reconstruction of the road base and asphalt paving to improve road conditions along Ridgebank Crescent between Carey Road and Vanalman Avenue. Upgrades to the sidewalk corner ramps near the intersections of Carey Rd, Springridge Cres, and Vanalman Ave will also be included. Upgrades to the storm and sewer mains will be completed prior to road reconstruction.

You may wish to review the conceptual plan [PDF - 2 MB] of the improvements.

Project Status: In construction
Project Manager: Ashley Locke


Shelbourne Street Improvements Project (SSIP) - Formerly called "Shelbourne Valley Project"

Start Date:  Spring 2018 (Design)

Last Updated: April 2019

Project Description: The SSIP goal is to deliver the short-term mobility Improvements to Shelbourne Street as identified in Section 8.2 of the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan (SVAP). This goal includes: 

a) Installation of new cycling facilities including UVic bike connector;
b) Pedestrian safety improvements;
c) Transit infrastructure improvements;
d) Replacement of underground infrastructure; and
e) New asphalt road structure.

Adjustments and refinements to the Transportation Concept Plan may be made during the detailed design stages.

The SSIP will be designed and constructed in three phases over several years: 

  • Phase 1 - North segment from approximately McKenzie Avenue to Torquay Drive
  • Phase 2 – South segment from approximately North Dairy Road to Pear Street
  • Phase 2 – Middle segment from approximately Pear Street to McKenzie Avenue

Phase 1 of the SSIP includes the installation of buffered bike lanes between McKenzie Avenue and Torquay Drive. The road cross-section will maintain four vehicle travel lanes from McKenzie Avenue to approximately 200 m north.  Continuing north to Torquay Drive, the road cross-section will generally include one travel lane in each direction plus a two-way left turn lane. The UVic bike connector is an additional component of the project that will create a bikeway connecting Shelbourne Street to UVic via Pear Street and Poplar Ave.  The UVic Bike Connector will be designed as part of Phase 1 but constructed during Phase 2.

Project Status: 
  • Phase 1 detailed design work is currently underway and design is expected to be complete in June of 2019.
  • The construction timeline for Phase 1 estimated to begin in late 2019 or early 2020 and have a duration of approximately 12 months.
  • Phase 2 – Design is planned to start in 2019, construction is estimated to start in 2020.
  • Phase 3 – Design is planned to start in 2020, construction is estimated to start in 2021.
Additional Information:
Project Manager: Brian Olsen 

West Saanich Road and Prospect Lake/Sparton Road intersection conceptual design

Start Date: April 2019
Last Updated: April 2019

Project Description: Saanich is working with a design consultant to complete the conceptual design of a full intersection upgrade at West Saanich Road and Prospect Lake/ Sparton Road. This will include improvements to traffic flow with safe access in all directions by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to the Prospect Lake Elementary School, nearby businesses and the Interurban trail.

Project Goals:

  • Improve traffic movements at the intersection
  • Provide safe facilities that promote safe streets and more people walking and riding bikes
  • Extend pedestrian pathway/walkway from Whitehead Park at Goward Road to the Community Hall to close any gaps
  • Upgrade Watermain Design from the intersection to the Prospect Lake school

Project Status: Conceptual Design
Project Manager: Vira Pikhteryeva


West Saanich Road - Quadra St to Royal Oak Shopping Centre

Start Date: Summer 2019
End Date: Winter 2020
Last Updated: May 2018

Project Description:  This project is a final phase of West Saanich Rd Street Scape, which fulfills key policies identified in the District’s Official Community Plan, completes gaps in the cycling and pedestrian facilities along West Saanich Road, and provides safe alternate modes of transportation.

Along with the installation of buffered bike lanes, concrete sidewalks, LED street lighting, upgrade of bus stops, installation of a new mid-block crosswalk connecting two bus stops, planting of significant amount of new trees, an asphalt overlay will take place from Quadra St to Royal Oak Shopping Centre.

All of the above will be a significant improvement to West Saanich Rd providing welcoming facilities for everyone to enjoy. 

For proposed design drawing, please see West Saanich Display Board.

Project Status: Detailed design
Project Manager: Vira Pikhteryeva


Wilkinson Rd - Greenlea Ave to Travino Lane Rd Improvements

Start Date: Early 2019
End Date: Summer 2019
Last Updated: February 2019
Budget: $1,125,000
Project Description:  The planned improvements for this project are to provide pedestrian and cycling facilities that contribute to a more balanced mode share along Wilkinson Rd from Travino Lane to Greenlea Dr. This project will include the installation of concrete sidewalks on the east side of the road, painted bike lanes, improved bus stops, and intersection improvements at Greenlea Rd.
Project Status: Construction
Project Manager: Stuart White 
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Sanitary Sewer Projects

Parkside Crescent/Jamaica Road/Winchester Road, and Cedar Hill Road - Replacement of underground infrastructure

Start Date: May 2019
End Date: October 2019
Last Updated: May 2019
Budget: $2,784,474

Project Description: Contractors will be undertaking a project to replace the water, sanitary sewer, and drain mainlines/services in this area. There will be some street parking and driveway access issues due to the nature of the work. Contractors will have steel plates on site to span a trench if access is urgent during the day. The trenches will be backfilled on a daily basis. Contractors will be cordoning off the next day's stretch with yellow caution tape, and respectfully ask that residents and visitors not park in these areas. 
There will be some minor interruptions with respect to the water service tie-ins. Residents of affected households will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of these interruptions by way of written notice. These interruptions will likely be 4-8 hours in duration. The District of Saanich will be completing all connections to existing mains.

Project Status: In construction
Project Manager:
Jeff Butcher

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Storm Drain Projects

Bowker Creek Bank Rehabilitation Project

Start Date: August 2019
End Date: mid-September2019
Last Updated: July 2019
Budget: $300,000

Project Description: Saanich will be undertaking repairs on the south bank of Bowker Creek where erosion has occurred. Please review the Bowker Creek Bank Rehabilitation Project Notification [PDF - 429 KB] for more information.

Project Status: Construction Scheduled
Project Manager: Peter Kelly

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Ridgebank Crescent reconstruction - Vanalman Avenue to Carey Road

Start Date: April 2019
End Date: July 2019
Last Updated: May 2019
Budget: $400,000

Project Description: Replacement of portions of the storm and sewer mains are underway along the Ridgebank Rd right of way from Carey Rd. to Vanalman Ave. This project is being completed in conjunction with the above transportation project that involves the reconstruction of the road base and asphalt paving to improve road conditions along Ridgebank Crescent between Carey Road and Vanalman Avenue. 

Project Status: In construction
Project Manager: Jeff Butcher

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Waterworks Projects

McKenzie Avenue Water Services

Start Date: June 19, 2019
End Date: July 5, 2019

Project Description: The District of Saanich is replacing several water services to apartment buildings on McKenzie Avenue between Saanich Road and Quadra Street. This project will allow us to abandon a section of old undersized watermain in advance of paving on McKenzie later this summer. During construction, McKenzie will be restricted to one lane in each direction. 

Project Status: Under construction
Project Manager: Nathan Robertson


Garnet Road Watermain Upgrade

Start Date: July 8, 2019
End Date: September 2019

Project Description: This project will replace and upgrade the existing watermain on Garnet Road between Ansell Road and 1715 Garnet Road. This watermain is due for replacement as part of our annual program to remove aging water main infrastructure. During construction, vehicle access will at times be restricted.

Project Status: Construction Scheduled
Project Manager: Nathan Robertson


Haro Road Watermain Upgrade

Start Date: June 28, 2019
End Date: End of August 2019

Project Description: This watermain replacement project will be taking place on Haro Road between Arbutus Road and Sutton Road. The project is replacing an old, undersized main and will improve fire flows in the area. During construction, vehicle access will at times be restricted to a single lane. Construction will be starting when school is out for summer with the goal of being complete before it starts again in September. 

Project Status: Construction Scheduled
Project Manager: Nathan Robertson


Foul Bay Road Watermain Upgrade

Start Date: September 2019
End Date: April 2020

Project Description: The District of Saanich will be replacing 1,150m of watermain along Foul Bay Road from Haultain Street to Lansdowne Road. This project is for replacement of old, undersized watermain and will improve fire flows to the area. During construction we will usually have two lanes of vehicle traffic open, but at times Foul Bay Rd will be restricted to a single lane of alternating traffic. Bike lanes will be blocked so vehicles and cyclists will share the travel lanes.

Project Status: Construction Scheduled
Project Manager: Nathan Robertson


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