Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services Department has the following distinct areas:

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources staff assist all departments within Saanich with the following:

  • Departmental planning
  • Employee benefits package
  • Retirement transition
  • Recruitment
  • Contract negotiations
  • Job evaluation and classification
  • Labour relations
  • Training and development
  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Employee coaching
  • Employee counselling
  • Wage and salary administration
  • Personnel records

We also provide advice to the Administrator, Council and Police Board on a wide range of personnel and labour relations matters.

Communications Division

The Communications staff provide support for internal and external communications, including:

  • Branding / Visual Identity Program
  • Social media
  • Public participation
  • Graphic design
  • Issues management
  • Website
  • Managing the strategic planning and progress reporting processes
  • Media relations
  • Developing content for both the internal and external communications

Economic Development Division

The Economic Development Office supports the growth of local sectors of our economy by:

  • Encouraging strategic investments and economic growth to help build a dynamic, resilient and supportive local business climate
  • Providing economic development and business intelligence and advice to internal staff, Council and external community partners
  • Lending support to policy development, investment and business decisions
  • Implementing Saanich’s new Economic Development Strategy

Occupational Health and Safety Division (OH&S)

OH&S has helped keep Saanich COR (Certificate of Recognition) accredited since 2009. This accreditation means that we meet industry standards in health and safety and injury management systems.

  • Works to prevent accidents and disease 
  • Runs return-to-work programs to help our employees remain productive at work. 
  • Ensures all of our workplaces and employees comply with WorkSafeBC requirements. 

Strategic Planning

Communications staff provide support for the strategic planning and reporting processes, including:

  • Coordinating reporting on previous years initiatives
  • Managing current year plan
  • Supporting planning for future years
  • Conducting citizen and business surveys

Sustainability Division

The Sustainability Division focuses on tackling climate change to help achieve our vision for a Sustainable Saanich by:

  • Developing and implementing plans that reach our community-wide zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets and renewable energy goals and that demonstrate leadership through our own municipal operations.
  • Preparing our community and corporation for the impacts of climate change through adaptation and resiliency planning.
  • Leading cross-departmental sustainability and climate initiatives, including the award winning Saanich Climate Plan.
  • Measuring and reporting on our GHG emissions inventories and targets for both the corporation and community, released annually in the Climate Plan Report Card.
  • Acting as advisors to Council on sustainability and climate related matters.
  • Providing liaison to various municipal committees and community groups. 
  • Partnering with other local and regional governments and organizations to further climate action.