Field Conditions

We maintain the grass for 19 soccer, 1 football and 31 ball fields across Saanich. Fields are used by more than 8,000 players annually! To let the grass grow, we do close fields when seasons end, in poor weather or when being repaired.

Ball diamonds

Ball fields are available for play when not under permit by home user clubs (you will be asked to leave if the home user group comes to use field when under their permit). Bases are the responsibility of the user group. Inspect fields before use. Do not play if overly wet or frost/snow covered. Saanich or home user clubs reserve the right to close fields if unfit for play.

Ball diamonds are not available for rent from October to March due to field maintenance. All ball diamonds are currently closed.


Soccer Field

Current Conditions  - soccer and football fields

Last updated: February 19, 2019. All fields remain closed until further notice.  Snow needs to fully clear and the fields drain properly before being reopened. No organized sports allowed.

Field status key
  • Open:  Fields are open. Clubs must halt play if conditions deteriorate.
  • Club discretion:  Fields are closed and conditions are marginal. Clubs may open the field, or a part of it, if conditions are suitable for play.
  • Closed:  Fields are closed for all use. They must remain closed until Saanich Parks re-opens them.
  • End of season:  Fields are undergoing seasonal maintenance and may be unavailable for use.

Note: For Club Discretion status, visit that club’s website for more information. Do not play on fields when there is frost, snow, standing water or unsafe conditions. Conditions may change - clubs may still close fields or delay use at their discretion.


Club / Field(s)

Bays United Soccer Association

Maynard [PDF - 180 KB]:  Closed

Gorge Soccer Association

Hampton [PDF - 122 KB] (Ackinclose):  Closed

Rudd Park [PDF - 149 KB]:  Closed

Lakehill Soccer Association

Beckwith 3 [PDF - 323 KB]:  Closed

Braefoot [PDF - 156 KB] 2 (middle field):  Closed

Braefoot [PDF - 156 KB] 3 (upper soil):  Closed

Reynolds [PDF - 173 KB]:  Closed

Prospect Lake Soccer Club

Beckwith [PDF - 323 KB] 1:  Closed

Beckwith [PDF - 323 KB] 2:  Closed

Glanford [PDF - 139 KB]: Closed

Prospect Lake [PDF - 76 KB] lower (Adam Kerr - sand):  Closed

Prospect Lake [PDF - 76 KB] upper (soil):  Closed

Saanich Fusion

Lambrick [PDF - 368 KB]1 (close to walkway):  Closed

Lambrick [PDF - 368 KB] 2 (close to slope/ditch):  Closed

Upper Lambrick [PDF - 368 KB] 4 (Euro - south side):  Closed

Upper Lambrick [PDF - 368 KB] (Mini’s):  Closed

Upper Lambrick [PDF - 368 KB] 5 (Euro - north side):  Closed

Lochside [PDF - 488 KB] 2 (sand - close to shed):  Closed

Lochside [PDF - 488 KB] 3 (soil):  Closed

Tyndall [PDF - 161 KB] upper (Doug Day): Closed

Greater Victoria Minor Football

Copley West [PDF - 87 KB] – Football Field:  Closed until March 2019

Practice areas

Hampton [PDF - 122 KB] Practice Area:  Opened or Closed by Home Club
Tyndall [PDF - 161 KB] Practice Area:  Opened or Closed by Home Club

Artificial turf fields

Braefoot Artificial Turf Field:  Opened or Closed by Home Club (Lakehill Soccer)
Hampton Artificial Turf Field:  Opened or Closed by Home Club (Gorge Soccer)
Layritz Artificial Turf Field:  Opened or Closed by Home Club (Prospect Lake Soccer)
Lochside Artificial Turf Field:  Opened or Closed by Home Club (Saanich Fusion)
Tyndall Artificial Turf Field:  Opened or Closed by Home Clubs (Saanich Fusion)

Soccer and football fields are available for public use when open. Home user groups have priority use and will ask you to leave if during their season permit times. Please inspect fields before use. Nets are owned by the home user clubs and not available for public use without prior arrangement with the home club.


Information on field closures

We thank club members who check fields before games. We may close fields due to poor weather conditions, concern for player safety or maintenance needs.

We work closely with clubs, and realize field closures impact thousands of players. We know that fall/winter sports are not fair-weather sports, and players (and parents) are used to playing in the wet and cold.

Please check in with your club to confirm field status prior to use.