Mowing Schedule

Did you know that residents are responsible for maintaining the grass on the boulevard in front of their property? Check out the boulevard bylaw details.

If you live next to a park, you can maintain up to 1 metre into the park beyond your fence or property line as long as you do not impact trees or remove native plants. This will reduce plants such as blackberries entering your property.

Here is what our Parks Division takes care of.

Mowing of Parks and Sports Fields

We mow parks and selected streetscapes weekly or bi-weekly.

Tractor Cutting Sports FieldWe try to mow parks as soon as possible in the spring, but with rapid grass growth and/or wet conditions, it can take a few weeks to finish the first cut.

We mow sports fields one to three times per week depending on:

  • Best practices for turf health
  • Ground conditions
  • Season of play

Rough Mowing

We rough mow and trim more than 60 undeveloped grass areas once a year from late May through July.

Grass on boulevard

We set the timing of this mowing by considering:

  • Drier ground conditions so our mower can access the sites
  • Summer heat to reduce needs for additional cuts later in the year
  • In some cases mowing is not done to protect nesting birds and small animals or wildflowers