Reserved Drop-in Fitness Classes

Space can be reserved as of 8:30 a.m. seven calendar days in advance of the time slot.

To withdraw from a reserved drop-in program, please do so via RecOnline before 11:59pm the night prior to the program (withdrawals not currnetly supported by app). Day-of withdrawals must be completed by contacting the reception desk. Credits or refunds will not be issued for missed reserved drop-ins.

New sign-up time effective June 24

Effective June 24, 2024, reseve your space as of 7:30am seven calendar days in advance.

Using the Saanich Recreation app to sign up for reserved drop-in programs

View step-by-step reserved drop-in program instructions:

 Cedar Hill Recreation Centre:

Gordon Head Recreation Centre:

G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre:

 Saanich Commonwealth Place 

Drop-In Cycle Schedule (Gordon Head, G.R. Pearkes and Saanich Commonwealth Place)  

 Steps to Reserve:

  • Click the link above
  • Ensure the schedule displayed is for Fitness Drop-in: Aerobics/Group Fitness
  • Select a Saanich Recreation Centre in the filters
  • Scroll to desired date
  • Click on session of choice and add to cart
  • For assistance please contact any Saanich Recreation Facility

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